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Windows Could be Shown the Doors, Android would be Plan B then-Nokia

Windows could be shown the doors and Android welcomed, if Windows based Nokia gadgets hit the skids in the market and do not generate anticipated mass-appeal.

We very well know that Nokia’s decision to bundle Windows with its smartphones was unplanned. It was a decision taken down the wire and perhaps intuitively. Tangibly speaking, Android would have been a much better choice for the Finnish multinational giant. However, Nokia downplayed the market predictions with company’s current chairman Risto Siilasmaa clarifying that they would like to keep all options open and could have Android as their Plan B.

During an interview on Yle Uutiset last Thursday, Mr Siilasmaa asserted that the company does have a contingency plan, provided Windows does not fare expectedly in the market. Though the switch to Android was not explicitly maintained, it’s hard not to draw inferences. The much popular Symbian OS has now being an extinct (or perhaps endangered) species. The development of its native OS- Meego under the project- Meltemi has been halted due to financial turbulences and also due to lack of vision.

Nokia is in a terrible mess right now. Stocks are an all-time low and it has already axed more than 10,000 jobs. Moreover, it has also sold its premium mobile arm- Vertu in order to trim the fat.

These cutbacks quite apparently come in the aftermath of the critically acclaimed Lumia handset fiasco. People were always sceptical about the move, as Windows was an orthodox choice to make considering the popularity and familiarity on Google’s elite smartphone OS- Android.

However, Windows 8 would be released soon and we do not know how the dynamics would be altered then. There is no reason to underestimate Microsoft, who seems to have got everything bang on this time around. (Well, hopefully)

So, again Nokia would be placed in a dilemma. Whether it should rely on Windows 8 or should it play safe by switching to a more established OS? Should Windows 8 fail, we would see a major shift in Nokia’s future roll-outs.

Do you see tables turning towards Android or do you think Windows is far from being shown the doors?

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