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Windows 8 Release Date Oct 26

Windows 8 release date is slated on October 26th, 2012, the Redmond-based software giant Microsoft announced on Wednesday during the Microsoft Global Exchange Conference held in Atlanta where thousands of salespeople attended. Previous reports and rumors were also pointing to “late October” as the ideal time to release the company’s latest foray into the OS market; this is after taking into consideration that Windows 7 was released on October 22nd in 2009.

The official release date of Windows 8 has also been confirmed via a blog post dated July 18th by Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc. While there is no official word about the release date of Windows RT-based Surface PCs, Microsoft’s previous statements also point to the same date when people would be seeing the company’s first entry into the ARM market. Windows RT, which is intended to operate on ARM-based tablets, was said to be released simultaneously with Windows 8, according to a report from ZDNet.

Windows 8 will be sent for manufacturing in early August based on the tweet from Windows Team (@BuildWindows8) that the official guidance was set on May 31st. Microsoft executives also said that the project will enter the “final phases” after two months since entering the initial phase. With the official release date revealed to the public, we can confirm now that those statements as well as some rumors and reports were true.

With the confirmation that Visual Studio 2012 will be sent for manufacturing in the first week of August, everybody can almost be sure that it will also become available on the same date Win 8 will be released. The Windows Server 2012, however, will be delayed until September. There is no official statement issued by the company about the said delay.

Meanwhile, Windows XP, Vista and 7 users will be given a privilege to upgrade their operating system to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99. This promotion starts shortly after the new OS will become available in general public and would run through January 2013.

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