Windows 8 App Store to Enable Seven-Day Trials

I don’t really like Windows 8 at all, honestly I think it’s terrible and need a lot of help. It does not take into consideration of the average user. They may think the average user is a geek who can easily find his/her way around, but, the every day person using it won’t be those people. They’ll be average everyday people. That does not mean that Windows 8 doesn’t have some cool features though. One of the terrors if the iTunes store is the many options for sampling paid apps. Apple does not allow trials and I doubt they will ever allow trials. Some developers offer “lite” versions of their apps for free but many don’t. This seems to be more popular on Google Play than iTunes.

As you’ve probably heard, Windows 8 will have an iOS-like app store guessed it, the Windows Store. The bright side is that it won’t force users into sampling very minimal versions of apps. The Windows Store will allow users a seven-day trial on apps they wish to buy but aren’t very sure about. The Windows Store will have functionality to make trials a very easy thing for both users and developers. You won’t need to do any verification, give a sample of your blood to Apple and etc.

As a user, if you upgrade from the trial to the full version of an app all of your settings will be same it was during the trial. If you don’t upgrade during the trial you’re going to end up having to start completely over. Honestly, this is one feature I like about this Windows Store idea. Being able to carry your settings over to the full version. That’s extremely helpful if your getting into a very detailed app (customization wise). Developers won’t have to write their own safeguards to make sure that those who decide to take the trial route won’t outdo their seven day stay. Windows 8 will take care of this for developers, it’s supposedly integrated into the “system functionality”. API’s will apparently be provided so the system can prompt users who chose to trial to upgrade to the full version, Microsoft will also be offering analytics to show the conversion process.

Microsoft having all this built in trial functionality in its system is really cool. It’ll be very beneficial to both users and developers, saving both time and money on each side. The try before you buy system I think will work out very well.

This is all relatively new to any “App Stores” we’ve seen in the past. We all know Apple won’t take this route due to their socialistic opinions about their technology. What do you think of trialing an app before you purchase it? Personally, I think it would of both saved me a lot of money and helped me make a better decision. There’s been some apps I’ve purchased that have ended up being terrible. I hope they continue to go this route. I know Microsoft tends to scrap a lot of ideas during the development process and I hope this isn’t one of them.

source: Tech Report