Wind-up Knight Update Released Today on Google Play

Developer, Robot Invader has released an update for there mobile game, Wind-up Knight. If you didn’t read my review on the game, I addressed a couple issues that I experienced during my play testing period. This update has fixed those issues and has also fixed some other issues that were unknown, except to them, of course. It’s nice to see a quick fix for some of even the really minor issues, I am really happy to see they actually followed through with their game and released this update. Here’s what’s in today’s Wind-up Knight update:

Before updating the game you’ll need to know that instead of just downloading the update it redownloads the whole game. With that said, the first thin Robot Invader fixed is the crashes happening under Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Many applications have been having trouble not crashing with Android’s recent update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Obviously this is only affecting users that have updated their devices to Jelly Bean but either way, the issue in Wind-up Knight is now fixed and is back in playable condition. Hopefully Jelly Bean users that have had issues with this will give the game a second chance as the crashes probably left bad first impressions.

The next thing Robot Invader fixed wasn’t actually a problem that I came across. There apparently was a bug that was stopping users from making a successful purchase in the Wind-up Knight store. This issue has been resolved and it should be back in working condition. I haven’t seen anything that’s been said about getting coins back that you lost from the purchase. If you contact their support e-mail though, I am sure they would be willing to work something out with you as soon as possible.

The other thing that was fixed was for users who were using a Large font on certain devices. Apparently the book screen in Wind-up Knight would lock up or “freeze.” This is another issue that has been resolved so there is no need to force close the app or restart your phone to get out of the locked screen anymore.

Another thing they did was added some performance optimization so the game should run much smoother than it originally had been. You may have been experiencing some sluggishness in the game, but because of the performance improvements hopefully it is now fixed. Obviously this is going to vary between devices people have but it should be fixed overall.

Lastly, Robot Invader has added better controller support for Xperia Play and a few other devices that was mentioned. They’ve also fixed a few minor bugs that was affecting devices running Android 3.0 or greater.

Those of you who were once having issues should now be happy that the majority of the problems reported are now fixed. Again, you’ll have to re-download the game to apply this update as you can not just download the minor fixes by itself. Also, to those who stopped playing because of these issues, you really should give the game a second chance!


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