Wii U is as good as Xbox 360 says Microsoft

The Wii U is a new upcoming video game console by the Japanese multinational, Nintendo, and is the successor of Wii, a home game video console that was launched back in 2006. Wii competes with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The Wii U features an all new controller which is named as GamePad. It incorporates traits from both, tablet devices and traditional gaming controllers. The GamePad houses a touchscreen, and the best part is that it allows the player to continue the game on the GamePad’s touch screen even when the television is switched off. Apart from that, the GamePad also features a Near Field Communication chip which will allow users to import content from supported cards. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012 which was held recently at Los Angeles Convention Center, Nintendo unveiled a second controller called as the Pro Controller.

The Pro Controller is more of a traditional gamepad designed for hardcore gamers. It does away with the fancy touchscreen from GamePad, and features two analog sticks. With Wii U Pro Controller, the company can definitely compete more and attract current customers of Sony’s and Microsoft’s products. The Pro Controller is so similar to Xbox 360’s controller that Microsoft has a problem with it now.

“I think their Pro Controller makes a lot of sense with the platform they’ve built,” Microsoft’s Phil Spencer told website Games Industry. “They are building a platform that is effectively a 360 when you think of graphical capability.”

The Wii U has a hardware that is essentially as good as Xbox 360, in fact it is so similar that Microsoft now believes it will be easy for third party game developers to port their existing games on Xbox 360 to Wii U.

“Now they are really making an on-ramp for the back catalog of games that are on 360,” he added. “It is easy for those games to move over to the Wii U. They’ve moved the buttons around, and they’ve made a controller that feels familiar for 360 gamers, so I get why they are putting those pieces together.”

If that’s what is cooking at Nintendo, it’s very smart on their part and the console can get ports of fresh games that will be launching on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though the graphics might not be in par with its counterparts. Also, Microsoft and Sony haven’t shown how their next-generation controller is going to be like, but wouldn’t it be nice if the controller design was synchronized between between all the home console makers? It would make playing multi platform games so much easier and fun.

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