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Why Dead Trigger going for FREE on Play Store isn’t a good sign?

Your inspiration-levels go rock-bottom when people steal what you so- vivaciously-bake. Not only is it unethical and disheartening, but you’re left in cold waters when people who pay to buy your baked bread, forlornly watch some punk on the street across, grab( read: steal) it for free. That’s not fair, right? Well, to make it all even-steven, the baker starts selling his stock on the cuffs. People think it’s fair now. Insipid people celebrate this as a festival, when they should be frowning over the travesty about to follow.

That’s the inside story behind Dead Trigger- an action-packed game developed by MadFinger Games, which has reportedly gone from 0.99$ to free. According to the company, “unbelievably high” rates of Android piracy have forced them to shun the extremely puny price-tag as well. While MadFinger’s prior games like Shadowgun and Samurai II fall in the range of $2.99 to $4.99 in the Android marketplace, MadFinger had chosen the 1$ price-tag to captivate more people to buy the app.

“But even for the mere 1$ price-tag, the piracy rate was too high”, Madfinger said in a statement posted to Facebook. The move has received mixed response from the people responding to the post. While some respect the altruistic decision taken by MadFinger, some believe that they easily gave in to the pirate’s demands. User Sam Alderson, however, backs up this decision by quoting “because they [paid] a dollar for something when everyone else got it free a matter of weeks later, the move is fair. Though a dollar isn’t much of a deal, I do understand people’s annoyance.”

The app reportedly also had some bug issues, primarily concerned with Jelly-bean enhanced Nexus 7 devices and MadFinger warned its users in a Facebook post about the development bug and reassured its users that it was working with Google to remove the bug as quickly as possible. Soon after the warning, came the news that it was going as freebie on the Play Store.

While most people may rejoice over the fact that they would get to play an awesome game without shelling even a buck, this ‘Dead trigger mockery’ triggers the death of trust of developers as well as avid Android users. Not only would it discourage people to buy apps from the Play Store, but would also increasingly shift the focus of developers from Android towards iOS. For instance, Mika Mobile had announced its renouncement from the Android Market way back in March, stating that Android does not justify the development and support costs it requires for quality app deployment. Though Android being open-source gives it the upper edge, the fact that it is highly prone to piracy, loopholes and security bugs can also not be overlooked.

Google however realizes this serious threat and it claims to solve this with its Jelly bean upgrade. Jelly Beans as we very well know would implement Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), which according to Google would prevent hackers and malwares from exploiting the loopholes in the system. Google also has data execution prevention technologies in place which would turn the device into a wall of security.

We do not know if that would be enough to put an end to far-flung and deep-rooted piracy issues, but what we do know is that this fortuitous freebooting story does not preach a very good moral.

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