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What Should We Expect from the Next Nexus Smartphone?

Nexus Q and nexus 7 have been released already and if you are someone who looks forward to new better things, your eyes should now be focused on the next big Google thing – the Nexus smartphone.  There already rumors circulating on the internet that Google is working on a revolutionary smartphone expected to be the 2013 Google device.  We, the speculators, have come up with some of the features and capabilities we expect of the next Google Nexus Android smartphone.  Here they are:

Quad Core processor

It is almost obvious now that dual core processors out-perform quad core chips.  Compare the Snapdragon S4 processors and the Tegra 3 processors, the latter seems to perform much better and cost much less.  However, unless Google optimizes their next version of OS to better take advantage of the power of Quad core processors, it will be such a disappointment.  We expect the next nexus smartphone to feature a Quad Core chip but with a better optimized operating system.

Bigger 1080p screen

I am not suggesting that the next Nexus smartphone be a hybrid of the current smartphone and tablet, but a better screen will mean two things: a bigger screen, preferably 5 inches, and a 1080p capability.  This would be a 440 pixels per inch screen with a 1920 by 1080p resolution.  Since Apple’s Retina Display has a 326 ppi density, Google’s should be better.

Wireless Charging

The future of Android is bright.  Whether there is a future for Wireless charging or not, this is something that should happen within the next 12 months – a convenient technology to
replace cable chargers.

We would love for the next Nexus smartphone to be officially capable of inductive

charging even if the charging accessories will be sold separately.

Larger batter – means a thicker smartphone

Most manufacturers in the recent past have preferred thinner device designs

Lastly, the next version of Android (Android 5.0) may be launched with the next nexus smartphone.  It is expected to have tons of useful features that other smaller updates e

for as long as they can – even if it means them being a few millimeters thicker.xpected to come over the next year will not have.and in the process giving less focus to removable batteries and longer battery life.  For most android users, this is a major issue as they would prefer to keep their devices alive

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