Weixin App Giving Free VoIP Calls to 100 Million Users in China

Currently the Weixin voip app in China is creating quite some ripples. If you are in China and regularly use voice and chat apps, this particular one is going to save you a handsome amount of money. How? A recent offer for free VOIP calls by Weixin voip app in China will see it reach out to a 100 million strong user base as a result. This however will be available only to users with an iOS or Android device.


At this point, Skype (the pioneer in VOIP), the Japanese based Line, the US provider Viber and Korea’s Kakao Talk are some of the competitors that are going to give the Weixin voip app some inkling of resistance. But given the fact that this is a local made product (Tencent, which by the way is also a investor in Kakao Talk) and they are in a position to reach out to over 100 million users (the app has been reportedly been downloaded more than a 100 million times already), they are going to be a force to reckon within Asia.

Apparently the timing of this update, which includes not only the VOIP system but also a web based service, Bluetooth support and a revamped privacy policy, is just about perfect. China is undoubtedly the largest cell phone market in the world and it is also one of the fastest growing.

Add to that a recent report which mentioned that by the end of 2012 China will have a whopping 192 million mobile gamers, more than that of PC gamers. Imagine what they will be using when they need to make a long distance call for free? The Weixin voip app certainly has all the capabilities to make life difficult for the other operators and specially the paid ones in China.

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