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VLC Player For Android – Now Available in Google Play

One of the most popular players of cross-platform multimedia content has finally reached Google’s platform for mobile devices and can be downloaded for free from Google’s app store, Google Play.

Many users have waited a traditional player to run both the audio content in optimal conditions and video clips in various formats. Fortunately, VideoLAN did not disappoint us and today launched, in beta, a version of the popular player to work on Android devices.


Although those who have tested the application have not faced problems with any file; it is worth to note that currently, the player from VideoLAN is compatible only with terminals running on ARMv7 processors that support the NEON engine. Fortunately, the restrictions include most terminals with Android, although the development team has promised that the application will shortly be ready for installation on many more terminals.

In terms of functionality, the program interface is simple and functions are clear. For those who will use VLC to listen to music at the same time with the, it will also be installed a widget through which users can play/pause or can change the track quickly.

If you are among those eager to experiments, there are available APKs for the VLC Player, which are updated more often ( Unfortunately, here you will find only intermediate versions of the application.

Currently, VLC for Android Beta runs only on those smartphones with ARMv7 NEON processors: Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Defy, HTC Desire and Nexus One.

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