Verizon Will Launch BlackBerry Curve 9310 for $49.99 from July 12


BlackBerry fans can head over to Verizon stores in a couple of days for the new BlackBerry Curve 9310. BlackBerry’s curve lineup consists of low end devices aimed at developing nations, but it makes sense given that the U.S is one of the company’s top markets. Verizon is offering the device for $49.99 on a two year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate.

This BlackBerry 7.1 handset will not woo fans of the BlackBerry Bold series as the hardware specs here isn’t really the greatest. The device packs a 2.44-inch display, with a 3.2MP camera. There’s no 4G on board as you would have guessed by now, so users will have to make their peace with just 3G.¬†If you admire RIM and have a thing for physical QWERTY keyboards, you might as well get this one, because that’s just about all it has.

The device packs social networking features standard with most BlackBerry phones. There’s a dedicated BBM button on the device for quick and easy access. In addition to the Facebook and Twitter apps, the device will also come with a new Social Feeds 2.0 application for posting content on multiple accounts/social networks. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that this phone won’t be a crowd favorite. With similar Android smartphones available in the market, we’re not sure if this will have any takers.

RIM has tough times ahead of it, as evidenced by its poor sales and falling stocks. But their smartphones are arguably still in demand, though not as much as it once used to be. RIM’s failed attempts at hitting the right spot with its smartphones have always been a cause for concern. The company is constantly trying for the high end segment and has failed. These low end smartphones aren’t much of a relief either.

The Canadian maker is having trouble convincing its investors to keep their faith in the company, especially with the delay in the BlackBerry 10 OS. The CEO of the company, Thorsten Heins will have to face RIM’s investors today at an annual meeting. The company is going through austerity measures to cut costs and is cutting jobs too. Maybe it’s a little too late for RIM, but it wouldn’t be wise to jump to conclusions right now with a new OS in the pipeline.

Source: RIM
Via: BGR