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Verizon Galaxy S3 Rooted Even Though it has a Locked Bootloader

Verizon Galaxy S 3 rooted finally! Just when the users of Galaxy S3 on Verizon network have been thinking whether they are ever going to get an opportunity to get rid of the unwanted junk that their locked phone comes with, a rooting procedure has been devised by the Xda Developers Forum.

Verizon is known for having the bootloader of its phones locked. With the only exception of the Galaxy Nexus, all other phones including the recently released Samsung Galaxy S3 have their bootloader locked. With a locked bootloader it is normally difficult to find a way to root the phone and that evidently means the owner of the phone is stuck with the stock ROM that comes from the manufacturer or the carrier. Not any more!

The method of rooting the Verizon Galaxy S3 starts very much in the same way as any other phone. Users will have to flash a rooted system image in order to get root access to the phone. Next, a custom recovery image is required, which needs to be flashed via the ADB. The Verizon Galaxy S 3 can take up to ten minutes for getting rooted and there is no reason to panic. Instructions state clearly that if it appears to be taking ages, let it and get the job done. Once the rooting is completed, any stock ROM such as one from CyanogenMod can be used. A detailed step by step process is provided at the Xda Developers website which can be used to root the Verizon Galaxy S 3.

Rooting has many benefits and one of them is over clocking the processor to ensure the phone performs faster and better than it was originally intended to. However, as with any rooting procedure, car should be taken that all data are backed. It also needs to be noted that rooting voids any warranty that comes with the phone.

Source: xda developers

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