Verizon Delays the arrival of the Galaxy S III to July 12th, Shipping by July 19th


Verizon boasts of one of the largest 4G LTE networks in the country. But sadly, it is one of the last carriers to receive the latest Samsung flagship. It was previously mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy S III would hit the carrier on July 10. This announcement came after several delays. But if you were planning on strolling around Verizon stores right about now, think again, for the device has been delayed yet again. The reasons for the delay are unknown, but it doesn’t come as a surprise as we can expect pretty much anything from carriers these days.

The delay is particularly annoying for users who have been eagerly anticipating the device’s arrival on Verizon’s network. The good news however is that the device has been delayed for only two days i.e. until 12th July. And yes, this is a good news-bad news thing. The bad news is that Verizon’s listing mentions that the smartphone will ship by the 19th. So worst case scenario, you might have to wait for another week. As a consolation though, the carrier is believed to be shipping existing pre orders.

The company said the following in an official press statement – “As it sometimes happens, the availability date for a device changes. The Galaxy S III on Verizon Wireless will now be available in stores and online starting July 12. Pre-orders have started to ship and are still available for preorder”.

This comes just after we realized that Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones on Big Red’s network will possess a locked bootloader, meaning no out of the box support for custom ROMs until the devs finally manage to break into it. So double that with the delay in launch and you have a recipe for a disaster. We’re not sure what Verizon has in mind, but it’s certainly not going down well with the users. Strangely some lucky customers were able to receive their Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones on July 5 as initially promised. Has the carrier unearthed a bug on the new Samsung flagship? We’ll never know. Let’s just keep our finger crossed for the July 12th release date. If everything goes as planned, the Galaxy S III should be available in a couple of days for $199 (16GB) and $249 (32GB). The phone can also be found on [easyazon-link asin=”B00894K248″ locale=”us”]Amazon for $149[/easyazon-link] with Sprint service.

Source: Verizon
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