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Verizon and Samsung to Launch Galaxy S III Developers Edition with Unlocked Bootloaders


If you can’t bear the thought of owning a Verizon Galaxy S III with a locked bootloader, the carrier has an option for you. Samsung and Verizon have announced the Developers Edition of the Galaxy S III which packs an unlocked bootloader.

The device however will be made available directly by Samsung, and you have to pay full retail which is about $599 (no contract). Samsung and Verizon Wireless issued a joint statement about the availability of this new smartphone. The press release did not forget to warn the users about the consequences of playing around with the bootloader. And as an answer to why subsidized VZW Galaxy S IIIs come with a locked bootloader, the company said that unlocking the bootloader will limit the company’s ability to provide the best service. Not sure if people will agree with that, but regardless we have a GS III with an unlocked bootloader now, though for a hefty price.

This is what the companies had to say in their official press release – “Samsung and Verizon Wireless recognize that there are many enthusiasts and professional developers that are interested in customizing their device with third-party ROM software. Unlocking the bootloader can put the stability of the phone in jeopardy; therefore, only experienced developers should attempt to unlock the bootloader“.

Verizon is selling the subsidized Galaxy S III starting from tomorrow (if there’s no delay again) with locked bootloaders. This was discovered when a lucky bunch of users received their Verizon Galaxy S III on July 5 as initially planned by the company. Needless to say, this was not welcomed by the users and now we have a change of mind in a way by Verizon and Samsung. Not sure if most users will go for it though as people will be more than happy with what’s running on board. Extensive hackers/developers however can start rejoicing just about now. You can head over to a Samsung store to get the device and remember you practically void your warranty when you’re playing around with the bootloader, so do it at your own risk.

Source: Samsung/Verizon
Via: Phandroid

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