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Update for Galaxy Nexus May Bring It Back to the Market

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been under a shipment ban as per the injunction levied by the U.S District Court Judge Lucy Koh. As per Apple’s claim, which moved the injunction, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was in direct violation of its patents through the use of key features which resembled that of the iPhone 4S.


Apple has been wielding its patent rights and enforcing them with much vigor of lately, desperately trying to quash the rise of Android phones and tablets in the market. So much so that they had even posted a $95.6 million bond to cover any damages that Samsung may suffer because of the loss in sales. This ban has been reportedly under intense amount of focus with the results eagerly awaited by industry and users.

Even before the trial goes on the court has now lifted the ban, ensuring the return of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to stores. Following the ban, the phone was off the Google Play Store. There is however news that Google is planning to update the firmware and update it to the Jelly Bean version from the current Ice Cream Sandwich. Along with Galaxy Nexus software update, they are also planning to remove four key features which Apple is contesting as copyright infringement. Those are auto correct, slide to unlock, word recommendations and also the universal search, which will now be replaced with the Internet search only.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been slowing down in as much as sales are concerned in theUSanyways. Emotionally, the ban and then the reinstatement are not going to be too much of an effect for Samsung. However, for Google this has serious implications. The smartphone is the first device that featured the Ice Cream Sandwich version and is often referred to as a reference phone for the firmware.
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