Unofficial CM10 and AOKP Builds Release for Verizon Galaxy S III

Even though Verizon has kept the bootloader locked on their Galaxy S III, development from the ROM developers hasn’t stopped at all to this point. A couple weeks ago Verizon’s Galaxy S III saw a unofficial CyanogenMod 9 port, over the weekend though we saw the heat turn up with two more ports of AOKP and CyanogenMod 10. Know what that means? Android 4.1 Jelly Bean! Both AOKP and CM10 are as close to fully working as currently possible with a few minor bugs that should of been worked out by now.

I’m very curious as to how they were able to get the AOKP and CM 10 running on Verizon’s Galaxy S III without the bootloader unlocked. On the Motorola Atrix 2 people are having such trouble getting things on it like CM 10. It’d be be very interesting to know how they’ve done it. That aside, it’s great that we can depend on the community to what our carriers refuse to do for some odd reason.

The AOKP Milestone 6 is ready for its prime time and a daily drive. It currently has no known bugs so this may be a good one to look into first. CyanogenMod 10 on the other hand, is still be strictly referred to as an “alpha.” Aside from that, all of the most important features in the software is working and currently very stable. When I say that the “most important features” are working that also includes the data connection. So if you can get past a few bugs and the gritty feeling of an unfinished ROM this also might be a great one to download.

TouchWiz may be way too painful for you to use and the stock Android you may not like either. Either way, you should check out both of these ROMs and maybe even consider downloading one of them to your device. As a quick remind these ROMs are actually only possible to the kexec boot sequence created by CVPCS (this may be how they got past the bootloader). The boot sequence will apear twice during a bootup, that’s normal and is just the Kexec Boot Sequence doing it’s normal work.

All of this is interesting. Again I am curious as to how they were able to get past Verizon’s locked bootloader. It could be because of CVPCS’s bootloader, but that isn’t 100% confirmed. That aside, it’s great to hear that there are ROMs available for the Galaxy S III. Many were worried that it might end up the same way the Motorola Arix 2 has been.

Do you own one of Verizon’s Galaxy S III’s? Will you be looking into downloading one of these “unofficial” build releases for your device? If so, would you pick up CyanogenMod 10 or the AOKP Milestone 6? It’d be interesting to see what both are like but I have feeling they are both very similar. CyanogenMod 10 of course, is the more popular one. Let us know how all of that works out for you in the comments section below!

Happy ROMing!

source: Droid-Life

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