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U.S Appeals Court Holds Ban on the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung/Google relieved

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Apple has been tough at work to keep Samsung devices like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the [easyazon-link asin=”B0061R2A1S” locale=”us”]Galaxy Nexus[/easyazon-link] smartphone away from the U.S. It was successful to an extent after the California District Judge granted Apple the preliminary injunction to bar both the devices from selling in the States. While Samsung wouldn’t have been too worried about the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it was the Galaxy Nexus’ ban that caused great concern as it is one of the company’s premier Android smartphone, even more so after Koh rejected the company’s request to rethink the ban.

The company’s tussle with Apple however might be close to over as a higher court has ordered to stay the preliminary injunction ordered by the District Judge Lucy Koh last week. The court granted the halt on the injunction with the consensus that Samsung could have a possibility of overturning Judge Koh’s ruling. What this means is that we could see Google making the device available on its Play Store listing as well as everywhere else. Google had stopped the sales of the device as soon as the injunction came into effect a couple of days ago.

We’re not exactly sure as to when we’ll get to see the device back in shelves, but the sooner Google does it, the better for the company as Apple can and will challenge this call. The Cupertino based company has until the 18th of this month to file a response to the new ruling. Google prior to this announcement mentioned that a new update for the Galaxy Nexus smartphones in the country is in the making which could pretty much solve the patent issue. So if Google plans on doing something like that, this should be the right time.

“It’s a constant struggle for survival.  As in any jungle, the animals will use all the means at their disposal, all their teeth and claws that are permitted by the ecosystem,” said Veteran Judge Richard A. Posner speaking about major corporations in general. His opinions are voiced by several other technology lovers as these companies are believed to be involved in a tussle to maintain or assert their dominance. We see companies being sued over the pettiest of allegations eventually costing them billions of dollars. As either of the companies do not want to license the patents or co-operate with each other, it gets even harder to come to a direct conclusion.

While the Galaxy Nexus ban was lifted, the Appeals Court denied halting the injunction imposed on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. So Samsung might have to just give up on that one. It goes without saying that Apple will come all guns blazing when it posts its response, which could eventually lead to the device being banned again. But a temporary breathing room for Google and Samsung should be enough to fix the unified search feature which is patented by Apple. It’s hard to speculate as to who will hold the upper edge at the end of the day, but it would be fair to say that Google does have an option to turn things around now.

Source: Court Order
Via: The Verge

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