The New iPad Makes a Low-Key Launch in China

Friday marked the launch of the latest iPad from Apple inChina. The launch was rather quiet and many experts and consumers in China noted it for being a rather low key affair. Many can still remember the riotous scenes that marred the launch of the iPhone 4S back in January when consumers were waiting for hours, some for the whole night, to get their device in hand, even turning violent when things went bad.

This time around Apple has developed an excellent method of online reservation that drastically cuts the long snaking queues that were noticed at earlier times. In Shanghai and Beijing, Apple fans were surprised to see such small queues and some of them came quite a long time in advance to pick up their device.

The launch was however preceded by another of Apple’s lawsuits, in which the tech giant had to pay a Shenzhen-based company a fine of $60 million for trademark infringement in order to use the name iPad.

Currently Apple has two retail stores in Beijing and other three in Shanghai. There is also another store in Hong Kong, plus a plethora of network resellers that are also selling Apple’s products. However, Apple is so popular in China that there is an intricate network of smuggled product stores that either brings these to China through gray markets or after purchasing them online in other countries for resale. These products are however genuine in most cases and can easily be picked up at any electronic store throughout the country.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook understands the importance of China as a major market for Apple in the future when mentions that they have merely scratched the surface. Apple’s sales in the second quarter in the regions of mainlandChina,Hong KongandTaiwanhave jumped thrice to an impressive $7.9 billion.

Via: Reuters