The IPhone 5 Mini Connector Port Could Be an Issue for Users

We have been listening to a lot of rumors about the new iPhone 5 having a new dock connector at the base. Currently, Apple uses a 30-pin, 21 mm wide connector port that is standard across a number of devices, including a number of the iPods, all the iPads and the iPhones.

A standardized port means adaptability across multiple devices and of course the ease of use of accessories. However, Apple seems to be more interested to implement a new “authorized accessory program” that is going to prevent unauthorized third-party accessories from being used on its devices. At the same time they are also trying to squeeze in a headphone jack at the bottom. The space is currently dominated by the larger connector port and the two speaker grills.

With this speculation slowly getting more and more consensus across the industry, the ultimate beneficiary appears to be the third-party accessory manufacturers. While they are clearly thrilled to hear this news, with some of them already speculating on the design of the iPhone 5 and showing off what the cases could look like, and certainly would be looking to make additional money from the sale of accessories. However, the end users may not find this quite to their liking.

This means with the new 19 pin connector, they will have to buy all their favorite accessories all over again just to be able to use them on the new iPhone. In spite of the fact that Apple could offer a adapter in similar lines to that of the MagSafe 2 power connection on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display and MacBook Air, users could find that less cool.

This could also throw up compatibility issues with the older accessories now becoming incompatible in the new device. At the same time, the new accessories will be impossible to be used on the older 21mm ports.