The Galaxy S III LTE Sells 50,000 Units on the First Day of its Launch in Korea


The Samsung Galaxy S III LTE went on sale in South Korea starting from yesterday. The sales were believed to go over the roof and that is exactly what has happened. If the sales numbers given by Samsung are to be believed, the device has sold over 50,000 units on the first day of the smartphone’s availability in the country. This is a sales record for any Samsung device sold in a single day. The smartphone was formally launched on three South Korean carriers – LG U+, KT and SK Telecom.

The Korean version of the Galaxy S III is by far the most powerful Galaxy S III in the market. So the sales numbers hardly come as a surprise. The number has grown since the previous two iterations of the Galaxy flagships. The Galaxy S sold 10,000 units when it was launched while the Galaxy S II sold 24,000 units on the first day of its launch. The number has more than doubled now.

The smartphone packs a quad core CPU, 2GB of RAM along with LTE connectivity. With Korea being Samsung’s home country, the hype was always much higher. The company plans to sell 10 million units of the smartphone worldwide before the end of this month. And considering the interest for the device in the U.S, we don’t think it will be a hard to get there. Last year’s Galaxy S II managed to sell 20 million units and surprisingly 5 million of those came from Korea. This speaks volumes of the device’s popularity in a country of roughly 50 million people. These numbers do paint a picture of the effect Samsung has had not only on Korea but the entire world.

The Galaxy S III is available in the U.S via Sprint and AT&T. Verizon’s version saw an unexpected delay with a July 12 launch date and “shipping by 19th July” marker on its site. The only thing missing from the American variants is the quad core chipset which would make an awful lot of difference. It is hoped that a new variant will someday arrive stateside.

Samsung has uploaded some images from the Korea launch. Hit the source link below for more.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow
Via: Phone Arena

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