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The Galaxy S III Explosion/White Flame Mystery Solved


We recently saw reports of a Samsung Galaxy S III in Ireland exploding on its own. But it seems like the story was something else as it has now come to light that the user had missed out on a few essential details from the episode. To give you a little background on what happened, a Galaxy S III user in Ireland recently bought the device and posted pictures on forums of its lower back portion being exploded/burnt. He mentioned that it happened spontaneously without prior knowledge.

The phone was believed to be on the car mount of the user’s car when it started showing white flames. The whole episode undoubtedly was a sensation across the web as the Galaxy S III is still relatively new in the market. Samsung however was quick in recognizing the issue and offered the user a new unit of the Galaxy S III while taking the burnt unit to their labs for testing. The manufacturer later lent it to the Fire Investigations UK team for further analysis. And it has now been realized that the device was harmed not on its own, but by the user himself, though not intentionally. Samsung has issued a statement on its site detailing the cause of the burn.

The only way it was possible to produce damage similar to the damage recorded within the owner’s damaged device was to place the devices or component parts within a domestic microwave“.

So that pretty much explains how the user (dillo2k10) managed to get a new unit of the Galaxy S III and also scare off a few potential buyers. What’s interesting however is that the user has now taken back his allegations against Samsung, and revealed that the device had prior exposure to water and that a different person could have had access to it. He was quick to call the incident a stupid mistake. As soon as the news broke on the 21st of June, existing Galaxy S III owners started to panic. This will come as a huge relief to them. The iPhone infamously caught on fire on a couple of occasions. What doesn’t make sense though, is that why a user would take his device near a microwave oven when it’s common sense to do something like that. Could this have been a staged episode by the user? We will never know. It’s commendable though that the Irish user came up and acknowledged his mistake.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow, Boards.IE
Via: GSM Arena

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