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The Best Three Keyboards for Android Smartphones

One of the beauties of having an Android device is that almost everything is customizable.  Android keyboards are not an exception.  There are all kinds of keyboards for different types of users – whether you hunt and peck, prefer typing with your thumb only, like to swipe or prefer using your thumb only.  Here are three of the best keyboards for Android for three types of users:

3. Smart Keyboard Pro

Although the Smart keyboard pro will set you back a $2.65 bucks, if you’re a tap typist then you need this keyboard to change your typing speed, efficiency and accuracy.  This keyboard supports text prediction, custom shortcuts, has spaces between keys and the user can change the keyboard type to T-9.  Aside from that, it comes with additional skins and is available in different languages and locations.


2. [easyazon-link asin=”B005KBI2TU” locale=”us”]Swype keyboard[/easyazon-link]

As the name shows, the Swype keyboard allows the use to enter text by drawing swypes connecting different letters of the word on the keyboard.  The user can still hunt and peck or type with both hands but the swipe feature for those who perfect it makes typing easier, faster and fun.  With the Swype Keyboard for Android, the user can type out even complete sentences by simply swiping across the screen with the finger.  Swype was acquired by Nuance (yes, the creators of Dragon Dictation and Naturally Speaking).  Some of the latest additions to this keyboard include autocorrect, predictive text and loading custom dictionaries.

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1. Hacker’s Keyboard

For a full, true keyboard experience on your android phone, you should get the hacker’s Keyboard.  This keyboard comes with all the keys you would not find in other add on keyboards including shift and arrow keys.  The keyboard in itself is open source, available at no charge and comes in many different languages and character packs.

You do not have to stick to the Android stock keyboard if you feel it is limiting your typing experience.  These three are your best alternatives you should consider.

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