T-Mobile Announces the Galaxy Note, Will be Available in the “Coming Weeks”


T-Mobile U.S.A has finally announced the Galaxy Note on its network, though it won’t be available immediately. The company via Twitter replied to a user’s question yesterday, mentioning the arrival of the Note, and now it has formally announced the device in a press release. The company mentioned that the smartphone will hit its shelves in the coming weeks and with the same hardware as with AT&T’s version, minus the LTE chip.

The smartphone will feature the latest Android 4.0 operating system and will come with all the Premium Suite apps (S-Note, S-Memo etc) which recently hit AT&T’s version. It’s nothing to be excited about though, as the Galaxy Note has been available on AT&T for quite some time. What makes it worse is that T-Mo has failed to give an exact launch date, by merely mentioning that it will be available in the coming weeks. There’s no info about the price either.

You won’t find anything new here with the same old 5.3-inch WXGA display, 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S3 chip (No Exynos, sorry), 8MP rear camera plus a 2MP front facing camera and 1GB of RAM. T-Mobile is using the 4G HSPA+ 42 network instead of LTE, so it’s not that bad after all. The press release sheds light about a recent survey conducted which apparently revealed how users prefer a smartphone with a display larger than 4.5 inches. In addition to the Samsung Premium Suite apps, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note will also feature the Polaris Office app. T-Mobile has preloaded the device with handy apps like LinkedIn, TripIt, CamScanner, Square, Dropbox and Evernote etc. The carrier calls this the T-Mobile 4G Pro App Pack.

It’s strange that T-Mobile took this long to announce the smartphone on its network. Mainly because AT&T has widely sold the Galaxy Note in the country now and there won’t be a lot of takers for the T-Mo variant. Secondly, the company remained mum on the exact launch date of the device. Being late is one thing, but not being clear about the launch just kills the excitement, especially considering how old the device is. Also, fans are expecting a newer iteration of the Galaxy Note, which is rumored to be announced right before the start of the IFA 2012 in Berlin. So there you have it, the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile seems like a hit and a miss. Nothing is changed from the AT&T version, except for the carrier branding of course. Are you impressed by T-Mobile’s offering?

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One Reply to “T-Mobile Announces the Galaxy Note, Will be Available in the “Coming Weeks””

  1. who wants the note1. when the note2 comes out next month.

    gs3 was marked up 65% by tmobile. how much will this galaxy be

    marked up?. 75% perhaps? tmobile is bleeding customers like a

    ruptured artery. they’ll probably mark it.(greedy bastards).

    tmobile is run by a bunch of inbread hillbillies. but the fcc

    would’ve allowed the merger had tmobile had 1-2million less

    customers. which it looks like tmobile is busy getting rid of. if

    you work for tmobile you better find a job thats going to be

    around. 3-5yrs. tmobile usa will be nomore! thats a fact! better

    yet a promise. can’t be a mobile phone carrier w/o customers

    and sell the same phones everyone else have for 50-65% more

    w/o Lte. whats worse marking up phones or digging up at&t’s

    old phones and calling them new? tmobile is already 2steps

    behind on every socalled new phone. tmobile was doomed

    from the start.

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