Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2 Leaked Video

It cannot be denied that, in the mobile operating system world, the future is Android and iOS, and perhaps Windows Phone. Any company that failed to catch the train on time has been left behind and are struggling to to reach the destination by alternate routes. But this can only end in their downfall.  This scenario is being played out in real life with erstwhile mobile giants such as RIM and Nokia struggling for survival. Losses are being posted by them every quarter.

Nokia, the once time leading handset manufacturer was slow to jump the Symbian bandwagon. Though it did eventually did realise it’s mistake and tried to mend it’s ways by embracing the Windows Phone platform, the results have not been satisfactory. As for the Symbian operating system which still is operates on almost all Nokia features phones is still not completely out. Nokia has been developing and upgrading the Symbian platform and even decided to release the revolutionary, Nokia 808 PureView, 41 megapixel camera phone, with the latest iteration of the Symbian operating system, Symbian Belle Feature pack 1.

Nokia plans to stop developing the Symbian Belle OS after one last final update to the current version, called the Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2. It is expected that the 808 PureeView will be upgraded to this OS when it will be released.

Not much was known about the this update to the Symbian Belle OS until now, but now a leaked video, straight from Nokia’s RDA (Remote Device Access) has emerged online which gives a  5 minute preview of what can be expected from Symbian’s last hurrah. Nokia Remote Device Access can only be accessed by Nokia registered developers and lets them develop the OS and application for it by running the OS on an emulator.

The video shows an OS with an improved camera user interface, a navigation bar, widgets and better transition effects and along with an improved predictive keyboard to make writing emails  easier. The release date for Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2 is not yet known.