Surveillance for free with Ivideon

Have you ever thought of setting up a video surveillance system, but let go the plan due to the costs involved? Well, meet Ivideon. Ivideon enables you to construct your very own video surveillance system in less than 10 minutes.

Basically, it allows you set up a webcam surveillance system which can be monitored from anywhere using your Android smartphone. It is also the first international cloud-based video surveillance system.

There are few surveillance solutions out there, but most of them require you to have at least some experience and knowledge in hand in order to set up a surveillance network of your own. Ivideon on the other hand has a very straight forward interface, letting you to configure your surveillance network within few minutes.

The steps involved in getting the app running are:

  • Download the app from Play Store over here.
  • Sign up with the Ivideon website and supply the log in details to the app.
  • Download and install the client,  Ivideon Server, which is available for both Windows and OSX based systems.
  • Select webcam option on the app, and start monitoring!

Pinch and zoom on the time gauge below the viewer shows the overall history of the app usage. One of the nifty features of this system is the motion detection feature. With the Motion detectors, the time periods in the time guage where any motion were detected will be highlighted in light blue. With this feature, you can skip right to the action.

With Ivideon, you can connect any webcam on a laptop or a desktop to the grid and monitor it from anywhere in the world using internet, and the best part is that it lets you access live video feeds and surveillance archive not only on an Android phone, but also using desktop applications designed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Ivideon app is also available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. If the flexibility to monitor your network wasn’t good enough, you can just use a web browser to keep an eye on your cameras! What’s more? You can login to the service via multiple methods mentioned above at the same time.

Features that makes Ivideon stand apart from other surveillance options are:

  • Mark your cameras on Google Maps
  • Embed live video link on your blog or any web page
  • Share access of your network to other users
  • Utilize motion sensor to record empty area
  • Sound recording is available

The video delivered by the service can be viewed in landscape mode and the quality is very good smooth. There’s lag of just a second or two, which is pretty acceptable. Supported cameras include, but not limited to, Axis, D-Link, Hikvision, Dahua, Microdigital, Foscam, Easy-N, Acti, Edimax, TP-Link, Logitech and Genius.

Since this app is free and is able to do things that even paid solutions aren’t able to offer, we’ll give it a 9/10 rating. The 1 point is for not being able to monitor a camera connected to a linux machine, which shouldn’t be a big deal for Windows or Macintosh users.

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  1. Linux version is available as a Demo for Debian users. Be carefull this version will rewrite your default Apache settings if you have it.
    To install it use the following commands:
    $ sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ivideon.list
    $ wget -O – | sudo apt-key add –
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install ivideon-server
    That’s all. Now your Ivideon video surveillance web interface available at (localhost)
    Default password is 123456.
    Tested with Debian GNU/Linux i386 версии 6.0.3 (squeeze).

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