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Inspired by classic arcade game, Super Metal Slug, LeTang, Inc recently released a new version for Android platform. This war-themed game has become one of the most downloaded free games on Google Play Store the day after it was released. I’ve been playing this game for 3 days now and I felt like I have everything I needed to write an in-depth review about Super Metal Slug for Android.

I have my own system to follow when it comes to reviewing games but I believe every game is unique and worth the time playing. I will review this game by tackling 10 factors which I have come across while I was gaming with it. I will give each factor a point if it’s worth it. The perfect score will be 10 points.

DISCLAIMER: This review does not necessarily reflect the opinion of as a whole or other authors writing for this site; this is all based on my personal experience. This is NOT a paid review either.

First Impression 

Having been able to play the first version of this game, I could say this one leaves a better first impression. The anticipation to play a new version on a touchscreen device is one of the factors that would add up to the excitement of having to experience that old familiar feeling of satisfaction. Super Metal Slug raises the curiosity of first time gamers as well as develops the desire to compare for those who have already played the first version.

Game Introduction/Prelude 

As much as I am impressed how fast this game could load, the introduction or the prelude is not something I could laud. While I understand the developer wants to build a little backgrounder of the in-game war, you have to tap on your screen more than 5 times to bring you to the start of the game where you also have to spend more time reading the tutorials. The thing is, you don’t have an option to skip all these either you want to start a new game or resume what you’ve already started.  Every time you launch the app, you have to pass through this ordeal painstakingly. What I wish is a button I could tap to bring me to game immediately.


I already knew what to expect from this game, although I admit I’m kind of excited knowing I could play it again. It is patterned from its predecessors so I’m familiar with most of the stages. For first time gamers, especially the newer generations who haven’t been given a chance to play the first version, Super Metal Slug needs you to eliminate all the enemies you would encounter along the way. You don’t have to buy weapons or rifles because you already have one at the start of the game but you have to be vigilant as better weapons can be found while you advance. You can also die when your virtual life runs out after being hit many times.


I’m used to gaming with controllers when I was a kid. By the time PCs came out, the keyboard and mouse became my best buddies as far as gaming is concerned. Android paved a new way to control modern games. I do admit I’m having a hard time controlling games on a touchscreen but Super Metal Slug is easier to control than I expected. This is a minimalist game when it comes to the number of controls; on screen, there are 8 directional buttons, 1 for the grenade and 1 for jumping.


When we try to compare it with the original version, it would come out the winner in terms of graphics quality. But it’s mediocre compared to other games developed to make an appeal graphically. Android devices with 3D display capability could surely take advantage of better graphics. There’s nothing really breathtaking about this game, but it delivers what it promises to gamers especially for those who have played it before.


My past experience with this game made it easier for me to take all my enemies down in each level. For beginners, the later stages may be a bit of a challenge but the first three wouldn’t pose a challenge at all. While it’s a pretty straightforward game, strategy still plays a significant role to advance.


Both seasoned and first-time gamers would be tempted to play this game over and over until all the levels are completed. While it is not as difficult like other games, you can still find challenges in each level. Some levels are easier than others but they too attract gamers in their own way. I believe that even if a gamer already completed all the levels, he/she will still be attracted to replay the game in one way or another.


This factor is device-specific; it totally depends on the overall performance of the phone or tablet. I’ve noticed that devices with lower specs and OS version have some instances of being unresponsive. A patch maybe able to address this issue but it’s not really a pressing problem.

Reward System 

Every enemy killed is worth 10 points but these are not convertible to anything at all but I don’t have a problem about that. What I hate the most is that the developer is promoting other apps more than it is needed to promote Super Metal Slug. After completing the first stage, you will be prompted to pay for more levels or to play Lucky Bingo to get diamonds that you can then use to buy or unlock the proceeding levels. I tried playing the other game to get diamonds but I had to do it more than 7 times to get the credits. Well, I understand this is a free game and developer needed to, at least, promote something but it could have been better if the reward system was made easier for everyone.

Lasting Appeal 

I guess Super Metal Slug has a lasting appeal as much as it makes good first impression. It may be the last thing you will look for in this game but this is the factor that comes into play when you’re commending this game to your friends. This is also the factor that could push you to say something good about it. If a game has a lasting appeal, it can easily make gamers satisfied.


Taking the game factor by factor is the best way to evaluate its real value. This post covers almost every aspect of Super Metal Slug and while there are a few things that could turn you off, you cannot let other factors be affected by them. Besides, every game deserves an honest review in fairness to the efforts of the developers as well as the resources and time consumed just to bring each one of them to the market.

If you have played the game and have bad experiences getting diamonds you need to play the later stages, you are pushed to give it 1/10 rating. But this review says it deserves 8/10 score and that’s what I’m giving it.


Title: Super Metal Slug

Developer: LeTang, Inc.

Price: Free

Rating: 8 out of 10

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  1. Unfortunately I do not share this positive view of the game. LeTang Inc. are not innovators, they simply rip off well known intellectual properties to sell their own inferior games, usually spamming the user with notifications. Look through all their games, the titles are very interesting. They are IP pirates.

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