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Stock ROM Image Released for Verizon Galaxy S III

With the dark clouds in the form of Apple yet to get away from the horizon before Samsung can say this is smooth sailing from now on, they have some good news, at least for the time being. The Samsung Galaxy S3 now has a stock ROM for the Verizon version. This means we could finally have some pretty exciting ROMs for the rooted S3s. Alternate firmware distributions, such as CyanogenMod, are what we really looking forward to for more exciting times ahead compared to the stock firmware that we get from carriers and providers.


However there is one minor problem that the Verizon version of the Galaxy S3 has. The bootloader appears to be impregnable. So, in spite of the Verizon Galaxy S3 ROM released, there is no news that the bootloader has been breached so that the hackers or developers can start tweaking things up.

Essentially, a stock ROM is always the best way to do a custom ROM because, in case something goes wrong, developers can always fall back on the stock ROM firmware. Verizon as a carrier is known for the fact that it keeps their phones locked and there have been no exceptions to this rule apart from the Google Nexus. Users are not too optimistic about Verizon changing their policies either for the Galaxy S3, so we could be in for some wait before the custom MODs will start emerging.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has only begun its journey into customer’s hands. Sooner rather than later, someone from the growing global Android developer (and hacker) community is going to figure out how to root it, paving the way for others to build on that knowledge. Till that point we have to remain contented with the stock firmware and whatever the features provided in it.

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