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Spy on your Girlfriend with ‘Touch My Life’ Android App

Some of us have that ‘Bond-ish’ chromosome- they are incessantly curious about other’s life and secretly wish if they could just spy on into their lives and get a sneak-peek as to what they are actually up to. Insecurity is a virtue perhaps for people who are in love. [* There are always some exceptions]

By the sheer courtesy of an Android app, you can now touch your girlfriend/ friend’s life remotely with the help of a newly released and rather inconspicuous Android app, ‘Touch my life’.

To spy on your target, you would need to install the aforementioned app on your girlfriend’s phone.  Yeah, you can sneak in the phone some time and install the app but what if she finds out? Well, you can probably install ADW launcher or Go! Launcher alongside, which would help you hide the app from the main menu, leaving no trails that you actually installed an app.

So, how does this work after the initial setup? Well, the road ahead is smooth. You just need to text some simple text messages from your phone number to your girlfriend’s phone. The app provides a lot of fun features like Call Back with Speaker ON, Vibrate for N seconds, Play Ringtone, Take pictures, Record live Audio, Location settings and much more.

You can also install this on your phone as an anti-theft solution. It works both ways.

Below are enlisted some of the messages which you can send: (All messages have to be sent without enclosing the quotes

1)    Write “CALLMEBACK” and send it to your friend’s mobile number for an automatic call back.
2) Write “VIBRATENSEC N” and send it to your friend’s mobile number to vibrate your friend’s phone for N seconds.

3) Write “DEFRINGTONE” and send it to your friend’s mobile number and it will play the default ringtone on your friend’s phone.

4) Write “SENDPHOTO [email protected]” and send it to your friend/girlfriend’s mobile will apparently take the photo of current location of your friend and send it to the email address specified in the SMS as an attachment and will also send a confirmation message to your number.

5) Write “SENDCALLLOG [email protected]” and send it to your friend/ girlfriend’s mobile number. It will send all the call details like incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls to the email address specified in the SMS.

6) Write “SENDCONTACTLIST [email protected]” and send it to your friend/girlfriend’s mobile number. It will send the whole contact list to the email specified.

There are lots of other functionalities provided by the app like playing MP3, recording live video or sending some file from SD card to the email specified.  You can also alter the text format and set it to your preference. You can also constrain the remote capability of spying on your target just to your number, so that even if someone finds the text, he won’t be able to break the ice.

[UPDATE]: People are misunderstanding the terminology used here.There is no inference on sexuality or any despicable motives behind publishing this post. This app is not our Polo, nor are we it’s Volkswagen. Though we understand that this may be illegal, we in no way are compelling you to try this out. Hope people take this the right way. We are not running a terrorist-camp here, we are just reporting. Amen.

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