Sprint 4G LTE Network Offers 6-8 Mbps Speed

Being the only carrier in the United States that offer true unlimited data plans, Sprint’s 4G LTE has long been expected by its customers who are looking forward to taking advantage of the fast download speed. However, apart from what everybody is expecting from an LTE network, Sprint is offering around 6 to 8 Megabits per second only (with burst speed of 25 Mbps).

Analysts and experts say Sprint is offering the industry’s slowest 4G LTE speed by comparing it to other carriers in the US, Europe and Australia. Verizon is currently offering 5 to 12 Mbps download with burstable speed of up to 50 Mbps and 2 to 5 Mbps upload. There is no official statement from AT&T about the speed of its LTE offering but GigaOM reported that customers will be seeing around 13 to 17 Mbps downlink and 6 to 8 Mbps uplink.

In Europe, Sweden’s TeliaSonera has a good reputation of offering a consistent speed of 17 to 20 Mbps and could reach up to 80Mbps. Telstra’s network in Australia remains the highest ranked as far as quality is concerned, according to Big Pond‘s report. It offers a burstable speed of up to 40 Mbps and according to some customers they are getting around 12 Mbps download speed consistently.

In the latest video promotion released by Sprint, 12 of its launch markets will soon be receiving its latest LTE offering, namely: Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Worth; Granbury, Houston, Huntsville; Kansas City, Newman, Rome (GA); St. Joseph (MO), San Antonio, and Waco. A ZDNet writer, James Kendrick, has published a screenshot of the actual speed he was receiving when 4G LTE network in Houston was activated a few hours ago. Being the first of the people to use the network, he was getting more than the carrier was offering in the area.

Sprint is currently on a campaign to receiving comments from its subscribers regarding the performance of its LTE network. While it may be a bit disappointing for some who might have been expecting so much from 4G LTE, having a consistent 8 Mbps download speed is more than you can be thankful for.

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