Sony Xperia P, S and Sola Available Unlocked in the US

Fortunately for makers such as Samsung, Apple, HTC and Motorola, the US smartphone market is saturated with their devices. There is technically not enough room for makers such as Sony to get a foothold and start anew.

So what does Sony do in order to ensure that they won’t remain in the oblivion for long in one of the most lucrative smartphone markets in the world? They launch their best Xperia range of Smartphones, but with no bootloader lock. Wait, but doesn’t this Sony Xperia P,S, Sola unlocked offer means they don’t even come with a contract from any carrier? Well, that’s too bad for wooing the customers. Users who love to stay ahead of the technology curve and make as little investment as possible from their own pockets always prefer to go for a contract. That of course is the only way to save their pockets from getting burnt.

Sony Xperia P, Xperia S, and the mid-range Xperia Sola will be available for prices of $479.99, 469.99 and 299.99, respectively. While these phones feature 1, 1.5 and 1 GHz processors, respectively, and a 4, 4.3 and 3.7-inch display in that order, what seems to be putting people off is, again, their prices. Although there are some cheaper offers such as the one of $388.99 from NewEgg for the Xperia P, that is simply not going to be enough. Furthermore, these smartphones will be bundled with the older Gingerbread release of the Android OS and that means for those who are looking for the latest Jelly Bean or even the ICS release that they will have to get an update.

This brings us to the question: why would someone look for a phone that is not in contract? This means an extra amount of investment and carrying an older OS. Honestly it beats us and the only logical explanation would be if you are a die hard fan of Sony or you are trying to get something that is not from one of the usual brands.

Via: Android Authority