Sony Xperia Go stress test

When it comes to durable military grade smartphones, we have scarcity of choices. The most popular phone one can think of when such standards are to be met is Motorola’s Defy. The Defy is promoted as dust resistant, impact & scratch resistant and water resistant, which has been possible due to employment of port covers and Gorilla Glass screen. The Defy lineup has been popular for its durability and as a result Motorola has added more phones to this lineup, one of which even includes QWERTY keyboard and is business oriented.

There are few such phones, and the most recent one is Sony Xperia Go. The phone is yet to be launched in our market and got FCC’s approval few weeks back. Judging by looks, Sony Xperia Go is an elegant 3.5 incher, however, it has IP67 certification for the “highest level of dust and water resistance for smartphones, which is one of its main selling point. The phone will apparently be called as Advance when launched in US. The exterior features of this handset are very advanced and give marvelous durability, however, Sony has given it a modest set of internal hardware.

The device uses a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen with 480 x 320 pixels resolution. Sony has used the same processor that is also seen on Xperia Sola and likes, the dual-core 1 GHz NovaThor U8500 processor. Other hardware features include a 5 megapixel rear camera that is capable of shooting 720p HD videos, 512 MB of RAM, ARM Mali 400 GPU, 4 gig of internal memory, and a 1,305 mAh battery. Apart from GSM and EDGE connectivity, the device also supports 900 MHz and 2,100 MHz HSPA 3G. Those frequency ranges aren’t used in US market, however, the prototype which arrived with FCC is the international version of Xperia Go. US version will see 3G connectivity for sure.

The phone has already launched in the international market, and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of box, however, upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is slated in near future. The spec that it carries isn’t something to boast about and phone isn’t something to wait for, or is it? Let’s not forget this phone’s main feature, the IP67 certification that it carries for the highest level of dust and water resistance. Below are two videos in which few German and Russian chaps put this phone’s physical stress bearing capability to test.

In the above video, first the guys marinate their Xperia Go in a pool. Then they go ahead and tape it to a football and kick it around. They then throw in down the stairs and water slides. Things get worse when they drive their Audi SUV over the phone and have two fire tenders spray water on the phone at high pressure using fire hose. They even dig up sand and place the phone in the hole, cover it and pour water. Xperia Go survives all that torture and manages to work like a charm, as if nothing has happened at all. The fun part is when try ice cream sandwich on the phone by actually placing it in between ice cream sandwich.

The second video, as seen below, is shot by Russians and doesn’t test the device to extreme level as they did in the first video. The video concentrates more on Xperia Go’s water resistant feature. It reconfirms how well Xperia Go goes with water.

Xperia Go or Advance’s availability is still in question. The device has already cleared FCC requirements. As far as specifications go, the device isn’t worth waiting for, but if physical durability is what you are looking for, this is the best bet. There’s no definite launch date, and Sony is perhaps looking for carrier that is interested to offer this phone to its customers. Have your say using the comment form below.

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