Sony Unveils F800, E470 Series Android-Operated Walkman

Japanese Electronics Company Sony unveiled via a press release published Wednesday, July 18th, its newest foray into the multimedia market. Reliving the Walkman days, Sony is again trying to rebuild its name by announcing the soon-to-be-released F800 and E470 Walkman Series. These devices will operate on Google’s Android operating system and will come with new features so as to become more attractive to geeks who might want to have a new device dedicated for music and entertainment. The question is would these new Walkman devices attract more than the previous versions did?

Sony F800 Series

Based on the press photos provided by the company, F800 Series has more similarities with Sony Ericsson Walkman phones with sharp corners and slimmer profiles. While Android could be one of the best additions, there’s nothing really spectacular that would make it so attractive. The fact is experts and analysts as well as tech enthusiasts doubt if there are Android users willing to pay for it knowing majority of Android smartphones today are also considered as media players and could pretty much do what these media players promise.

To entice Walkman fanatics, Sony put Nvidia Tegra 2 in it and packaged it with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. While F800 Series does not feature Dolby Mobile Sound, it comes packed with the equivalent S-Master Digital Amplifier to produce better audio quality. Given that it runs on Android, it can connect to the internet via WiFi and can pair with other devices through Bluetooth while displays pictures on a 3.5-inch screen. Sony will release 16GB and 32GB models which will be marketed at $269 and $299, respectively.

Sony E470 Series

This is the cheaper version of the newest Walkman models Sony will soon release. The company also boasts that this is the world’s slimmest player but that’s just about it. While we know that it will operate on Android, the version hasn’t been disclosed yet. For a thin device with a smaller screen (2 inches), there is no doubt it will come with lower specs and would give us an idea that it may not run on ICS but lower—maybe a Gingerbread. There are speculations that it may not even come with an Android OS considering it does not have a touchscreen display. But we’ll see about that when Sony finally releases it to the public.

According to the press release, there will be four capacities; 4GB, 8GB and 16GB and they will be priced $79, $89 and $109, respectively. Again, the selling point of Sony for this device is that it is cheaper and thin.

In a Nutshell

These new Walkman series would surely make an appeal to audio people but it would just be seen as a failure for Android smartphone users. It is more practical to buy a full-pledged smartphone than to get F800 Walkman, although we still need to see these devices in action before we can make a conclusion about their performance in the market they are targeting. There is no specific date when these devices would be released but Sony said we could expect these devices in August.

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