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Sony Launches Xperia S, Xperia P and Xperia U in the U.S


Sony Mobile has formally announced the arrival of three Sony Xperia NXT smartphones, the Xperia S, the Xperia P and the Xperia U in the U.S. With each having its own USP, we feel the devices are long overdue now as they are widely available in other markets since a few months now. Regardless, the addition of these new droids is very welcome. The smartphones formally mark the arrival of the Xperia NXT series in the U.S and are available unlocked with no commitments required. We are a little concerned with the Xperia S, as it is the smaller sibling of the Sony Xperia ion on AT&T which features a bigger 4.5-inch HD display along with the rest of the goodies. But the unlocked pricing isn’t too steep for a smartphone of its caliber and is on par with the prices in Asian markets. Read on for the specs and the prices of the three smartphones.

Xperia U

Starting off with the smallest of the lot, the Xperia U packs a 3.5-inch HWVGA display, a 5MP primary camera with a VGA front facing shooter. Regardless of its small stature, there are no compromises made under the hood. A 1 GHz dual core ST Ericsson chip does its job, accompanied by 512MB of RAM. The only downside of the device though is the 8GB internal storage, with no microSD card slot for memory expansion. So that could be a deal breaker for many. The device will be sold for $299.99 in white or black color variants.

Xperia P

The Xperia P features a 4-inch display, 8MP primary and VGA front facing camera, 1 GHz dual core NovaThor chipset, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage (only 13GB accessible). The smartphone is certainly one of the top end droids and what makes it capable is the Mali-400MP GPU which handles everything with a breeze. This device has all its bases covered with the qHD resolution display and a worthy 8MP camera sensor as well as the dual core CPU. And as with the Xperia U, the device doesn’t sport an external microSD card slot, so you will have to be content with what’s onboard. The device will be sold for $479.99, which is a touch on the expensive side when compared to global prices. The smartphone will be sold in three colors – silver, white and black.

Xperia S

Well, this smartphone needs no introduction. The Xperia S is one of the best camera phones in the market right now and is widely popular internationally. Not so much in the U.S since an upgraded version in the form of the Xperia ion is already available. The Xperia S sports a 4.3-inch HD display with Retina Display besting pixel density of 342ppi. The highlight of the phone is the 12MP camera sensor, which is among the best in the market right now. The smartphone also has a front facing 1.3MP camera which can shoot 720p video. The chipset onboard is Qualcomm’s dual core Snapdragon S3 (MSM8260) clocked at 1.5 GHz. A whopping 32GB of internal storage comes with the device with no support for microSD cards unlike AT&T’s Xperia ion (16GB internal storage). I don’t think the exclusion of a microSD card slot will bother the users much as 32GB is fairly sufficient for high res pictures and videos. The smartphone will be available in black and white color combinations and will set you back by $559.99, which again is a little too steep when compared with European and Asian prices. Regardless, it’s a great smartphone especially if you’re not willing to be contractually obliged with AT&T for the Xperia ion, which is in a way better than this.

In conclusion, the three devices are fairly different from each other, with the Xperia S being the top dog. I personally like the Xperia P, mainly because it’s a good $80 cheaper. However, as I mentioned earlier, these smartphones might have arrived a little too late in the day. All the three smartphones run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on the horizon, though there’s no specific time frame mentioned so far.

Source: Sony

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