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Software Fix to Address Google Nexus Sales Ban, Work in Progress

Both Google and Samsung are working on a software patch that would fix and bypass the sales ban issued for Google Nexus due to the patent disputes filed by Apple, according to All Things D. The device in question was the search giant’s flagship which was manufactured by Samsung and has been a subject of scrutiny as Cupertino-based tech titan claimed it to have infringed some of its patents.

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The legal battle between Samsung and Apple has been going on for many months now and Google Nexus is just one of the devices that would be admitted in court for closer examination by experts. The Korean manufacturer has found comfort in releasing Android-operated devices and its latest flagship, Galaxy S3, is just a great threat for Apple’s iPhone 5, which is set to launch in the third quarter. The tech giant has a valid claim and it is using it to scrape off its competitors prior to releasing its flagship smartphone this year.

Google, on the other hand, also has a couple of valid reasons why it has to side with Samsung in the said legal dispute. First, the device in question is running Android mobile operating system which it has developed and second, Apple’s patent claims would surely affect the sales of Google Nexus. Eventually, the sales ban forced the search giant to pull its phone from the Google Play Store.

The sales ban order for Nexus was issued following Apple’s claim that Samsung infringed a patent related to the universal search functionality, although the former already filed claims for three other patents including slide-to-unlock, auto correct functionality and word recommendations. These patents are a common ground which other legal disputes in different courts are based upon. But just a couple of days back, a High Court in London ruled out in favor of HTC over swipe-to-unlock patent claim. There is a possibility that such decision will be issued in favor of Samsung/Google.

According to The Verge, Samsung and Google are currently working on a patch to address the problem stated on the dispute. The patch is reported to be rolled out soon over the air (OTA) in a bid to escape the sales ban. During the Google I/O 2012, the search giant was busy distributing its phone to developers who will be testing out the functionality of Jelly Bean.

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