Smule launches AutoRap for Android & iOS

If you remember Auto-tune the news, a US web series that was popularized by Brooklyn musician Michael Gregory and later the band The Gregory Brothers, which went viral on YouTube in 2010. The videos basically used digitally manipulated recorded voices of politicians, news anchors and popular peoples to make a song out of it. The same band happened to work with app developer to create an app called Songify for iOS and Android. Basically, Songify allows users to autotune any speech into a song! After the success of Songify and ‘I am T-Pain’ app, Smule has launched a new fancy app called AutoRap.

AutoRap basically lets you get the rapper in you out with help of technology. The app works similar to other two apps from Smule and is the latest music making app. AutoRap basically auto tunes your voice and matches it with pre programmed beats that has to be selected before singing to the device. The app lets you either convert a conversation into rap or correct some of your bad rapping, in either case the result will be cool rap music with your voice in it. With Smule’s proprietary “rappification” technology, AutoRap maps the syllables of your speech to any beat, creating a unique rap every time.
AutoRap lets you create your very own rap song with beats borrowed from Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, the Beastie Boys and others. Like Smule’s all other voice manipulation apps, the software itself is free, however, it uses some kind of in-game currency on backing tracks. The in-app currency is divided into two tiers which I will discuss in the later part of the app review below.

Interface: Smule has made the When you launch the app, you will be greeted with a “TAP TO RAP” screen, tapping on which lets you record you voice while listening to the background music which the app will use to mix your voice with. Another tap on the recording screen will stop the recording session and will process your voice with the music in order to give birth to your own rap music. The app also automatically auto tunes and sets the variables right while turning your talk into a rap.
Tapping again on the ‘playing’ screen will let you choose 3 options:

Change Beat– You can select the beats that the app will be using to mix your voice with. If you haven’t chosen any particular beat at the start, the app will use the default beat. With “Change Beat” option, you can choose another beat and the app will mix chosen beat with your previous recording instantly, meaning you don’t have to sing all over again.

Save & Share- The app will ask you enter a song title once you tap on “Save & Share” button. After you christen your song, you will be taken to “My Rappertoire” page where all your previous songs will also be listed. Tapping on any title will play that particular song. You can either delete any Rappertoire or share it with your friends using options including email, Twitter and Facebook.

Start Over- If you feel you can do better, you can tap on Start Over and it brings you back to “Tap to Rap” screen.
From the “Tap To Rap” screen, you can go to the “MENU” option. Menu option will either let you select a beat or go to “My Rappertoire”. In the “Select Song” page, you can switch modes between Talk, meaning you can just talk and the app will process your music into a rap song. If you switch to “RAP” mode, you can rap and AutoRap will make necessary corrections and process it in order to get a decent output. According to the company, “sophisticated artificial intelligence developed by Smule’s chief scientist” is at play here. Pick Rap, and the app will offer up lyrics and a beat, correcting your rapping within a predetermined framework.

Coming to the in-app purchases, like all other voice manipulations apps from the company, AutoRap too uses its own currency to handle purchases within the app. The currency is called as “plays”. On the top of “Select Song” screen, there is a carousel showing various featured songs. The songs are divided into two categories, premium and freestyle. Premium category has handful of songs which needs to be bought using the app’s currency, Plays. On the other hand, there are few free songs that you can sing to in the freestyle section. Clicking on the free songs will take you to the recording screen, while the paid songs require you to pay first using Plays. In case you don’t have enough plays, you can either buy more plays or earn free plays.

Like any currency, you can exchange real currency for plays. Premium and Freestyle category of songs draw currency from their own accounts; hence the currency is divided into two types. Exchange rates for Premium plays ranges between $2.99 for 75 plays to $19.99 for 1000 plays. On the other hand, 100 freestyle plays can be bought for $2.99 while a much attractive option to get infinite plays comes at $4.99, which is however useful only to those who are going to be addicted to AutoRap.
For those who don’t want to shell out any real cash can choose to earn free plays by playing various other games or completing given offers. You can earn up to 15 premium plays by completing various offers displayed by the app.

As of now, the app comes with two songs that are always free- “Turkery Burgers” and “OneOneOne” – which you can use to create unique raps each time without spending any money whatsoever. The app has been launched both on iOS and Android at the same time. It may not be a productive app, but it definitely helps you bring out the inner Snoop Dogg in you. It’s a great time killer, and since it is free, I don’t see any harm if you try it out. You can download it from the Android Play Store over here.

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