Smartphones Boost Samsung’s Sales for 1st Half 2012

Samsung confirms reports that smartphones are the drivers for its record-breaking profit this year. In an official statement passed on to the media, the Korean manufacturer said that it has reached a net profit of 5.2 trillion won, or around $4.5, and its Galaxy smartphones are said to be the reason why it has become one of the highest-earning companies in 2012.

The company’s sales reportedly spiked in the second quarter after it has released the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 where it reached as high as 79 percent over a year earlier to 6.7 trillion won, BigPond News reported. Also, its revenue increased 21 percent to 47.6 trillion won, confirming the company’s sales projections released earlier this month.

Analysts believe that Samsung Galalxy S3 sales will reach its peak before Apple releases its next generation iPhone in October. Thus, its third quarter sales will still reap better figures despite the nagging problems in Europe.

Smartphones and its other mobile devices have contributed 63 percent of the company’s net profit in the second quarter or about 4.2 trillion won. With these figures, analysts believe that at least, 50 million Samsung mobile devices have been sold in three-month period including Galaxy S3’s 6.5 million units.

While it does not release mobile phone sales figures, it is apparent that it already outperformed other manufacturers in the high-end phone sector while having a difficult time competing with Chinese phone makers in the low-end market.

Samsung already claimed dominance in the Android market with its devices going stronger and better each year. Only Apple is left standing to compete against the Korean manufacturer.

Both companies are scheduled to face at a San Jose court today over a patent case. Outside the court, these companies are closer than what people usually think. Samsung is Apple’s supplier of mobile processors for use in iPhone and iPad.

Aside from mobile phone business, Samsung is also doing great the following sectors: semiconductors, flat-screen and TV panels, PC DRAM chips and home appliances.

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