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SLICE – Organize your Shopping Instantly!

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Ever wanted an app that would tell you everything you’ve ever bought? Track your shipments? Track incoming shipments? What about shipments that are at your door or even was at your door? With Slice you can organize all the things you’ve shipped, or have been shipped to you and even received items. I can imagine a few situations where this might be helpful.

Slice notifies you when a package is at its destination. Sometimes it has a delay if FedEx, UPS or even USPS enters it in late. Aside from that, it is usually very accurate. In the case that you were out on a business trip and were waiting on an important package (maybe the new Galaxy S III?) and it didn’t arrive on time or before you had to leave to catch a plane. Slice would notify you on your phone that the package arrived. That way, you could confidently call a neighbor and ask him to put it in your garage or something. That or if you put your package on hold, Slice would notify you of that too. It is a very handy tool to keep track of shipments and packages.

Did a Slice not look at your email properly? In that case, it probably didn’t detect that you added a shipment or package to it. If that’s the issue, you can add packages by scanning in the barcode, this might be tough if the package is half way across the country though, in that case, you can just manually add the tracking number you were provided.

Recently in an update, Slice has added a “Thingerprint” feature to their app. This is a fun, visual way to see what you’ve spent money on and discover what category it puts you under. I got put under the “Digital Spender” category. Upon completing the Thingerprint, Slice will show a graph of where your money has gone and what you’ve spent your money on the most. This can range from Electronics to Toys & Games.

The graph is really cool, it gives you a great idea on what you spend the majority of the money you’ve earned on. In my case it’s mostly on “Toys & Games,” therefore it’s also listed me as a “Kid at Heart” along with the “Digital Spender”.

Slice will track everything you’ve ever bought under a certain email address. Let’s say I have used the email [email protected] for the past two years. Slice would track every last item you bought under that email, list the price and also tell you what date you bought that item from. Since early 2011 it’s told me I’ve spent $998 on 111 items. I can also verify that each item is 100% correct that it’s listed.

You can also categorized your spending under things like “This Month”, “Past 6 Months”, “This Year” or All of your purchases. This allows you to get a detailed overview of everything you’ve ever bought and if you’ve bought a lot of items, the categorization for this works really well.

Many people have a lot of worries on how Slice collects data everything. Other people are worried about the security on the app. It also offers a bit of general information that will help you understand how everything works. I feel like posting the FAQ off of the Slice app is very important to address some concerns that often come up when I suggest this app to others:

About Slice

2. What can I do with Slice?

Slice is a free service that organizes everything you’ve bought online from large merchants such as Amazon, eBay, and Apple, to daily deal sites such as Groupon & LivingSocial. You do the shopping, and we’ll take care of the rest – from tracking packages, to giving you all the info you need to facilitate a return. Slice is simple, secure, & free.

3. How does Slice work?

When you shop online, merchants send you order confirmation emails (receipts) and shipping notification emails with tracking numbers. Slice automatically processes these shopping emails that are delivered to your email inbox, and allows you to easily access your purchase.

4. Which email providers does Slice currently support?

If you send your merchant receipts to Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or iCloud/MobileMe you can link one of those mailboxes to Slice. At this time, you can link up to a total of five e-mail addresses to your Slice account.

We also support Gmail accounts that are powered by Google Apps, as well as services powered by Yahoo! Mail such as,,, and

5. Which merchants do you support?

Slice supports over a thousand merchants today, and we’re constantly adding new ones. We support the largest online merchants, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears, Target and For all your purchases you get detailed information such as which items you bought, what you paid for them, and a copy of your receipt. In addition we automatically track shipments for these purchases, and you can follow along as they make their way to you!

Slice also supports iTunes and Kindle purchases, as well as movie rentals from Netflix, so you get a complete picture of all digital purchases and subscriptions.

Even if you buy from merchants we don’t yet support – fear not. You can simply forward your order confirmation or shipping receipts to [email protected] and we’ll add that purchase to your account. Our goal is to capture all of your online purchases (and a few of your offline ones, too!)

6. Will Slice help me organize all my daily deal vouchers? I have a hard time keeping track of these.

Yes! Slice will track your purchases from Groupon & LivingSocial, the two largest daily deal providers, and we’re looking to track more providers in the future.

7. Is Slice available for my mobile device?

YES! Slice is now available on the iTunes App Store and in the Android Market.

Security and Privacy

8. Why do you need access to my inbox?

It’s the secret to the sauce! Slice reduces the number of steps that you need to access all of your merchant-related information by allowing us to access one location: your email inbox.

9. Will you access my credit card information?

No. Merchant email receipts typically do not contain your complete credit card number. In addition, we deliberately bypass that information to ensure that it remains confidential to you.

9. Does Slice store my password to my email account?

Slice uses a secure protocol called OAuth ( to allow for authorization to your Yahoo! Mail or Gmail account. For these accounts, the authentication happens between you and Yahoo! or Gmail, and we never even see the password you enter for your email accounts. OAuth is used by many popular websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and of course, Yahoo! and Google.

For mail providers that do not support OAuth, like Hotmail, AOL and iCloud/MobileMe, we will need to store your email passwords to be able to process your receipts. The passwords will be stored encrypted in a separate, secure database.

10. Do you delete the emails that you organize from my inbox?

No, Slice does not alter your mailbox in any way.

11. Will merchants or my friends be able to know what I’m buying?

Your Slice purchases are confidential to you and what you share is your decision. Slice will not automatically share or broadcast any information that is personally identifiable to you, unless you choose otherwise.

Other Questions

12. How often is my Slice account updated?

We update your account with your latest purchases when you log in, and every 15 minutes thereafter.

13. What are some Slice “hacks” that not many people know about?

One of our favorite questions! We’ve had an eBay seller tell us that he uses Slice to track the packages he mails out. When he sends the shipping notification to his customer, he copies his own Yahoo! email, and Slice picks up the tracking number from that. So then he knows when his goods have arrived at their destination.

Got any more Slice hacks? Email us at [email protected].

14. I have a suggestion on a new feature for Slice.

Great, we’d love your input! Please send your suggestions to [email protected].

Slice is very secure and has some very awesome features. Obviously it’s not an app that you just “need” to have, but it does offer some cool insight into your past purchases. Slice also offers some of the best security and promises not to cache your information.

This is a great app if you go on business trips often or just like keeping track of all your past, present and future packages. I highly recommend grabbing this app as it is free and is really worth downloading. I personally just think it’s a very helpful  app to have and has some seriously awesome features. I particularly love the tracking futures with the integrated Google Maps.

Slice – Shopping Organized was created by developer, SLICE.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Or if you’ve used this app, how do you like?

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