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Samsung’s Request to Expedite the Galaxy Nexus Hearing Granted by the Court

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The U.S Appeals Court has granted Samsung with an expedited hearing of its appeal against the Galaxy Nexus injunction. Samsung will basically have till Monday the 16th to file a report, with Apple being given time till the 30th to respond to that. The final hearing will commence on August 6. Apart from this, the court received Apple’s response for the lifting of the Galaxy Nexus injunction, which will be taken into consideration apparently. Google and Sprint had some words of support for Samsung, appearing in the court as amicus curiae or Friend of the Court. Needless to say, Apple was in disagreement with their claims by mention that Google is hardly a third party and was closely involved in the development of the smartphone in question.

What caused a stir though was Apple’s letter to the retailers asking them not to sell the aforementioned Samsung device even though the ban was lifted. When Samsung expressed discontent over the letters sent to the retailers, Apple didn’t have nice words to say. “[the company’s] letter shows nothing beyond the entirely predictable consequence of Samsung’s infringement — i.e., the infringing products must be taken off of the market. It is not a legally cognizable harm to halt downstream sales of stolen, pirated, counterfeit, or infringing products.” – said Apple.

While the internet is abuzz with Apple’s strong statements, it seems to move on with its wicked outlook towards the whole thing. By remotely hinting that Samsung device(s) are stolen/pirated, we don’t think Apple is winning any new fans.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban is still in effect in the U.S, but the Galaxy Nexus is finally available for sale. And Google is clearly on adrenaline mode to save its flagship smartphone from being banned again. Updates are already underway throughout Samsung smartphones, with Galaxy S III smartphones in the country receiving a universal search related update a couple of days ago. Apple is prepping a case related to its intellectual property, which according to Electronista could take a little longer. It is essential for Google/Samsung to buy time and do the needful as it cannot afford another major setback. The Android 4.1.1 update which was recently rolled out to the GSM/HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus smartphones and the Nexus 7 tablet was supposed to bring the fix.

Source: Electronista
Via: GSM Arena

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