Samsung’s emails reportedly support Apple’s claims

In a recent development in the ongoing legal clash between Samsung and Apple, Apple has plans of defeating Samsung by nitpicking on Samsung’s own statements. The Cupertino based giant’s court brief says that Samsung was knowingly, willfully and blatantly violating its designs patents, and making products which feel, operate and look like its iPads and iPhones. They also claimed that the evidence suggests that similarity of Samsung’s products with Apple’s is not an accident or as the South Korean giant would euphemistically say, ‘natural evolution’. Apple also added that this similarity between their products “results from Samsung’s deliberate plan to free-ride on iPhone’s and iPad’s extraordinary success by copying their intuitive user interface and iconic designs. Apple will reply on Samsung’s own documents, which reportedly tell an unambiguous story (sic)”

Samsung was allegedly warned by Google during the designing process of its tablets and smart-phones. Google and other group of esteemed designers actually warned Samsung that its Galaxy Tab 10.1 is unacceptably too similar to Apple’s iPad. Few of them even went to the length of call it an ‘iPad with a Samsung’s logo’ on it. Apple told that interestingly most of its claims against Samsung are supported by Samsung’s own emails.

Both the giants are all set to lock horns in the legal battlefield. Even, Samsung is ready with a basket full of proofs as alibi for charges against it. One that stands out among these is a 2006 internal design presentation that shows a mobile UI which was flaunted by iPhone a few months later. The South Korean company also has plans of counter-attacks with evidences showing that Apple’s iPhone design was copied from prior Sony design. With this endless patent battle picking up the heat, it will be interesting to watch whether this issue is solved down the line in future or get stuck in an impasse.

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