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Samsung to Release Windows RT Tablet in October, Reports Say

For those who have seen the prototype Windows 8 tablets that Microsoft displayed earlier with a lot of fanfare to the media, it should not come as a surprise that Samsung is actually looking to launch a Windows 8 powered tablet too later this year.


The prototype versions of the Windows 8 tablet that Microsoft displayed were made by Samsung. They are getting ready to usher in a new technology into the market and the fact that Microsoft is trying hard to push this technology (Windows RT) to the OEM, Samsung will play an important role as a pioneer in this area.

For the uninitiated, the Windows RT is a stripped down version of the next generation of Windows operating system, the Windows 8. It is not going to be available as an off the shelf product or made available to private users, but available only to OEM, manufacturing among many other products tablets.

Some of the specifications of the Samsung Windows RT tablet include a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and features taken both from the Samsung 9 Series notebooks and the 7 Series tablets that were originally designed for Windows 7. Samsung is planning to launch this tablet around the same time as Windows 8 is going to debut later in October this year.

Apparently Microsoft’s decision to move into the lucrative tablet segment makes things interesting for this segment. The Windows 8 is the first operating system that has been designed by Microsoft for handheld devices such as tablets. They are specifically designed to work with the same chips that power today’s smartphones. With Microsoft getting into the hardware segment, many of its partners could have their feathers raffled.

It will be interesting to see how the market reacts with Apple’s iPad still sitting pretty at 60% of the market share, followed by Samsung at only 11%.

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