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Samsung to back Windows, would roll out Windows RT tablet soon

Samsung it seems is stealing all the limelight for all the right and all the wrong reasons. Gladsomely, this time it’s for the right one.

Samsung- the world’s leading smartphone manufacturing giant is all set to tie up with world’s numero uno software company- Microsoft, to develop a tablet which would run the latest version of Windows software- Windows RT.

Samsung has already made a handheld computer encored with ARM processor. Windows RT would be the first version of Windows to be designed specifically for touch-screen devices and energy-savvy ARM processors.

Until now, Windows has always stuck to x86 processors, as most traditional desktop computers come powered by Intel processors. Windows 8 as we know would support both the ARM and x86 processors. Windows RT thereby would be a luxury, Microsoft would enjoy.

Hewlett Packard had earlier refused to debut Windows RT as it is keener on introducing a Windows 8 tablet which would run only on Intel and AMD devised x86 chips.

The edge x86 based machines would have over ARM machines is that ARM based devices would only be able to run software that has been written specifically for Windows RT or Windows 8. However, x86 based processors are massive energy-drainers when compared to ARM processors which consume less power.

Microsoft would be challenging Apple directly when it formally releases its much anticipated OS- Windows 8 to tablets and PCs. Microsoft Surface was perhaps another attempt in strategizing the shift and reaffirming its tenacious stand in the market.

While, Microsoft delivers a fluently working OS, it has always been criticized for over-using resources. [For instance: Windows Vista] Managing performance and power smartly would perhaps be the most pre-eminent part of developing a quality OS for tablets

Reportedly this Samsung tablet would feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and would possibly embed a NVIDIA GPU unit. Expect this tablet to debut this October.

Samsung, who has incessantly stuck with Google OS- Android so far, may perhaps be setting its contingency plans afloat. With Galaxy Nexus being banned due to copyright infringement in US and Google looking to market with Motorola, there was a need to shun dependency and send the message out very clear.

Would this shift the dynamics? Only time would tell.

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