Samsung Open Source Code for Epic and Skyrocket Models

Samsung, in an apparent attempt to encourage hackers and developers and trying to give them a head start with the ongoing roll out of the OTA updates, have released the source codes of the Sprint Epic and AT&T’s Skyrocket on their download pages. The updates are available currently on their download pages for anyone interested.

Galaxy S II phones on the Sprint and AT&T networks are currently receiving updates for a firmware. The FF18 update is going to push their stock firmware from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich after a long wait. This brings added features, better user interface and of course some sort of satisfaction at being able to use ICS. This should not be too much at this point as 4.1 Jelly Bean has already started to be distributed and a release was also made to the AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Plus users would be least bothered about a source code availability. But this update will be music to the developers and hackers who are just about starting on their hacking routine.

With the availability of the epic and skyrocket open source codes in their hands, hackers would certainly find it a lot easier for them to port some of the features of the now released source code of the JB. This should include features such as the Google Music Player for JB, the voice assistant which works a lot like iPhone’s Siri voice based personal assistant, Google Now which is already making rounds as one of the hottest apps on the Android market and of course the swipe to search features. with the release of the source codes, this means exciting days ahead for the users of Sprint’s Samsung Epic and AT&T’s Galaxy SII Skyrocket 4G.

More ported apps and features should make it to their smartphones making their transition from Gingerbread to ICS worth the wait.