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Samsung Might Have Axed the 64GB Galaxy S III


The 64GB version of the Galaxy S III seems to have been cancelled. The reports started surfacing as UK retailer Expansys cancelled all of its pre orders for the particular variant. The Galaxy S III was originally supposed to be available in 16, 32 and 64GB variants and it now seems very likely that the 64 gig model has been axed.

Although not officially confirmed by Samsung, it seems pretty conclusive that the manufacturer sees no market for the particular storage variant. With the microSD card slot on all the Galaxy S III smartphones, it kind of makes no sense to have a larger storage option as customers can just as easily add a larger microSD card and for a lot cheaper too. The smartphone seems to have created quite a stir in the market with sales believed to have surpassed expectations, especially in its home turf, South Korea.

It is believed that the low demand or pre orders might have made Samsung take the step to cancel the particular variant. One would have expected Samsung to learn from its past mistakes with the Galaxy S II going through a similar phase last year. The S2 was initially believed to be available in 16 and 32GB variants, but Samsung ended up launching only the 16GB model globally. This new revelation shouldn’t matter much to the users, as they’ll be pretty content with the 16 or 32GB of storage. To be fair, in international markets, people are more inclined to settle with the 16GB variant as the Galaxy S III comes with 64GB of expandable storage via the microSD card slot. So that’s a whole lot of storage for users willing to do so.

In the U.S, the Galaxy S III is available via major carriers in 16 and 32GB variants, with no mention of the 64GB variant anywhere. American variants come with microSD card slots too, so there is really no need for a bigger variant as we mentioned. Is this a setback for the users? Probably not, but for people willing to use the device as an external hard drive, it could be.

Via: GSM Arena

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