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Samsung Launches S Health App For Galaxy S III

When the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung’s latest and flagship smartphone was launched a couple of months earlier, it had announced, along with a bunch of new features that Galaxy S III brings to users, it’s very own health monitoring application called S Health that would be a part of Samsung Galaxy S III. We did not see the app come as a pre installed app along with the Galaxy S III. But now, Samsung has officially launched the health monitoring app specifically for the Galaxy S III smartphone.

The S Health should not be confused as a fitness app such as Nike+ Fitness App, which helps you maintain your health by helping you in keeping track of your regular exercise routine and help you in maintaining it and keeps you motivated to maintain the exercise regime.
S Health on the other hand, as the name says, a health app. S Health also monitors your body but not actively but instead lets you monitor the state of your body. Using S Health, users will be able to keep their weight in check, their blood pressure level, their blood sugar level etc. The app obtains the data by syncing the data it with blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters from Lifescan, Omron, and A&D.  The data is synced with these devices via Bluetooth or USB cable depending on the device from which it is obtaining the data.

All the data collected by S Health is now stored in your phone for easy analysis and for keeping track your health fluctuations. With all the previous health records stored by the app in your phone, it becomes very easy for the user to share the data with a doctor and also in maintaining stable health levels by setting personal goals.

The app will be available through the Samsung App Store soon in the US, South Korea, and five European countries.

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