Samsung Launches Galaxy S3 Developer Edition Page

Being the only carrier in the United States that offers Samsung Galaxy S3 with locked bootloader, Verizon drew flak of criticisms from developers and people who want to customize their premium device. While there have been unofficial workarounds implemented to gain access to the bootloader, the manufacturer took a step further by announcing that a developer edition with unlocked bootloader will be released especially for Big Red’s customers.

On July 15th, Samsung finally launched a dedicated landing page for the device on its developer website telling visitors that it will be “coming soon.” On the page it shows that the upcoming device would be the 32 GB variant in pebble blue color. As expected, the developer edition will be coming with $599 price tag and will never be any different to the already released versions of Samsung’s flagship.

By the end of last week, some Galaxy S3 units especially the ones from AT&T received the first security fix addressing minor issues. But it was actually intended to dumb down the universal search functionality which is currently in question due to Apple’s patent claims. If owners of the device were able to find anything inside their device using the search function on the home screen, the update took the feature away. Instead, owners will now be presented with search results from Google search engine in a bid to continue selling the device in the U.S. without facing more trouble.

While Verizon Galaxy S3 variant hasn’t received the same security fix yet, there is no information whether the developer edition will be coming with universal search function already scraped off. But for sure, it will still feature the same specs and the same version of Android (4.0 ICS). Rumors, however, point to Q4 as the ideal time that GS3 units will be receiving Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. But basically, this version will come with a feature that should have existed in the first place.