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Samsung Gets Ready to Bring Jelly Bean to Galaxy S II and S III

Samsung is reportedly already preparing the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III smartphone, and possibly the S II, as well. Exactly when users can expect this is still, however, unclear at present. Sammobile reports that the Galaxy S III smartphone could be getting it around August to September this year. Naturally, this device would be prioritized as it is the South Korean company’s current flagship phone.

That said, the Samsung Galaxy S II is still considered to be a hot item, and Samsung allegedly already had success in testing the latest update to the Android OS on the phone. If all goes according to plan, users of the Samsung Galaxy S II could also soon be enjoying Android Jelly Bean.

It is speculated that the Jelly Bean update will be available first on international versions of the S III that are unlocked. Thus, those using the S III that are locked to carriers in the United States might have to wait a little longer to enjoy the new features that Android Jelly Bean has to offer.

Among the other Samsung devices which could be slated for the Android 4.1 update are the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Note, in particular, has good chances because Samsung also likes to give much attention to its high-end and popular devices.

Android Jelly Bean is a minor upgrade from Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but it still brings some nice new enhancements in responsiveness, accessibility, web browsing, language support, and Google services. Other improvements involve the use of Bluetooth for Android Beam, USB audio, the Android Browser, Network Bandwidth Management, Google Cloud Messaging for Android, Smart App Updates, and Wi-Fi Network Service Discovery, among others. Moreover, like other updates, it promises bug fixes to several issues encountered on previous versions of the OS.

Neither Samsung nor the phone carriers have released an official statement regarding this rumor.

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