Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView has been one of the much hyped smartphone launches this year. It’s Nokia’s imaging flagship phone, and a true successor of Nokia N8. On the other hand, we have the Samsung Galaxy S III which is probably is the smartphone which grabbed the most eyeballs than any other Android based smartphones out there. Let’s compare these two, shall we?

Design And Build Quality: The design of Samsung Galaxy S III is pretty neat and compact, and just 9mm thick, and compared to Nokia 808 PureView, which boasts a 14mm thick body, Samsung Galaxy SIII definitely stands out of the crowd, owing to its compact asymmetrical design and the big screen. The design of Nokia is nothing new and similar to most of the Nokia touchscreen phones from the past, however, the company has used polycarbonate to construct this handset, which makes it one of the most rugged top end smartphones of the year.

Display: Nokia has plonked in a 4” AMOLED screen while Samsung decided to go with a 4.8” Super AMOLED. Both the phones have AMOLED screens, but similar to all the Nokia Belle based handsets, the screen resolution on Nokia is 360×640, which corresponds to pretty low pixel density as compared Galaxy SIII featuring a 720×1280 AMOLED screen, which makes Samsung win hands down.
Both the phones have comparable viewing angles, but Nokia has put a ClearBlack antireflective layer on top of the screen, which makes the screen look a bit brighter.

Interface and functionality: Samsung Galaxy SIII runs Android and Nokia Pure View 808 runs Nokia Belle. Nokia Belle is a very good improvement over the Symbian interface we’ve seen in the past, but at that resolution, it’s not giving Samsung a run for its money, besides knowing the fact how functional Android is. Android’s Play Store has a choice of apps which Nokia Store cannot even dream of. Also, the interface is very silk smooth on the SIII, thanks to quad-core Exynos processor doing its job under the screen. The Nokia 808 PureView has voice commands and dialing, but Samsung has S Voice as an answer, which is certainly more functional than what Nokia has to offer. Again, Samsung wins hands own in this department.


Nokia 808 PureView is the first ever smartphone which features Nokia’s PureView technology. The technology is basically a pixel oversampling technique which essentially decreases an image taken at full resolution into a lower resolution image, achieving higher definition and light sensitivity in the process, and also enabling lossless zoom, which is a pretty nice feature to have on your handheld. The Samsung Galaxy S III has a 8MP camera sensor providing handy Panorama and HDR modes, but it cannot match the images created by the rather huge 41MP camera with PureView technology any time.

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Camera is where the Nokia wins. The pictures clicked by SIII looks unprofessional and often overexposed and oversaturated at times when compared to that from Nokia. We don’t think anyone can match Nokia’s photo quality anytime soon.

Internet & Gaming: Well, Samsung Galaxy SIII is powered by a quad core processor as opposed to Nokia’s counterpart which is powered by a 1.3 GHz ARM processor, so obviously Galaxy SIII should do better when it comes to browsing experience. Galaxy SIII wins hands down in every way possible, and it supports full desktop Adobe Flash, which when paired with 4.8” display delivers one of the best browsing experience ever on a smartphone.
Coming to the gaming part, 808’s performance is pretty improved as compared to earlier Symbian based devices, however its gaming capabilities hasn’t satisfied us. Compared to Galaxy SIII which is powered by Exynos 4212 GPU, combined with the quad core processor, the phone handles complex 3D games like a piece of cake. In short, the gaming performance of Nokia 808 isn’t comparable to Galaxy SIII.

Battery life: A large 2100mAh battery powers the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is bigger than what most of the android phones out there have. Nokia 808 Pure view is powered by a classic 1400 mAh battery, however, since the energy requirements of Nokia 808 is pretty less compared to Galaxy SIII, you can expect both phones to last for same period of time once fully charged. Talk time number on Galaxy S III substantially better at 12 hours in 3G mode as opposed to 808 PureView’s 7 hours.

Conclusion: Both phones are great in their own ways, and your choice should actually depend on your usage. If you’re a gamer or like to browse internet and play with apps, Samsung Galaxy SIII should be your choice, but if you’re an avid photographer and photography is your thing, and not interested gaming or downloading a bunch of fancy apps, there can’t be a better choice than Nokia 808 PureView.

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