Samsung Galaxy S3 Reached 10 Million Mark in Sales

South Korean phone maker Samsung revealed on Sunday, July 22nd, that its newest flagship, Samsung Galaxy S3, has already sold more than 10 million units since it was released in May.

Earlier this month, the manufacturer shared with the media its expectation to gain a record operating profit of 6.7 trillion won, or around $5.9 billion, for just in the second quarter of this year. But with pre-orders reaching more than 9 million units, breaking sales records did not pose a challenge for the company.

Two months after the much anticipated release of the lucrative Galaxy S3, there are still heavy demands worldwide. This apparently posed a challenge for Apple which is doing its best to eliminate the competition to pave a way for the release of iPhone 5; both Samsung and Apple are battling in court over patent infringement cases.

“It appears that it (accumulated sales) has exceeded 10 million units,” J.K. Shin said on Sunday via Yonhap news agency.

Shin already said last month that he was confident Galaxy S3 can surpass the 10 million mark by the end of July. This was after the handset was made available in over 140 countries including its home country where more than a million units were already sold.

The third generation Galaxy S is 22 percent larger than the previous version featuring a 4.8-inch screen, face-recognition technology and voice-activated controls and functionality.

Research firm Strategy Analytics said in April that Samsung shipped a total number of 44.5 millions of smartphones overwhelming Apple’s 35.1 million units. It was also in the first quarter that the South Korean company took the crown of being the world’s largest phone maker from Nokia, an evidence of the company’s dedication to lead in the mobile market.

Samsung recently won one patent case over Apple after a British judge ruled in favor of the Galaxy S3 maker. However, there are still several claims that the company has to face and it may take years before verdicts are reached. In a bid to continue selling its devices in the US, Samsung has to release software patches to fix features that allegedly infringed some of Apple’s patents.

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