Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition Coming to Verizon Soon

The partnership between Samsung and Verizon is going deeper as both announced they will soon be offering Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition for $599, although the release date hasn’t been disclosed yet. This variant will give people who want to customize their device using third-party firmware or applications a chance to manipulate both software and hardware accesses.

The version of Galaxy S3 offered by Verizon to its customers come without unlockable bootloader as the American carrier believes giving users deeper access to the handset may give them a chance to mess up the stability of their phones. One of the things Verizon fears is when its customers connect to its network differently as a result of customization and messed up software. Thus, the standard Galaxy S3 offering will continue but Samsung will release a developer edition soon enough to address the need of the developers.

“Unlocking the bootloader can put the stability of the phone in jeopardy; therefore, only experienced developers should attempt to unlock the bootloader,” according the joint statement from Samsung and Verizon.

The developer edition Galaxy S3 will be offered at Samsung’s developer portal. According to the report from Android Central, the upcoming variant will come with unlockable bootloader that would allow developers, enthusiasts or people with good knowledge of how the device works a chance to tinker around their premium smartphone. The Korean manufacturer blames Verizon for having to release a version without unlockable bootloader, in fact, it is the only carrier in the US that offer such version.

As a standard, phones damaged caused by unlocking bootloader or installing third-party software will not be covered by warranty. But owners who want to proceed with the process can do so at their own risk. In case they need help to restore their device to a running condition, they can request service from Samsung itself and have to pay expensive service charges.

Being one of the most popular and sought-after smartphones today, Galaxy S3 is the interest of both average users and developers. Releasing a developer edition version under Verizon network is, somehow, a good decision for the manufacturer but it stops there. There is nothing special about releasing a version with a feature that should already been there in the first place.

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