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Samsung Galaxy S3 64 GB Model Axed?

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 back in May 2012, the sales of the units have been nothing short of remarkable streak that has really uplifted Samsung as far as the profits are concerned, with Samsung’s head of mobile phone division, Shin Jong-kyun stating the Korean manufacturer expects sales to reach 10m by the end of July 2012.  Indeed, so successful has this smartphone been, that combined with the introduction of Jelly Bean 4.1 in June 2012, Samsung has forecast record quarterly profits of $5.9B.

Since the launch of the 16GB and 32GB models back in May, it was widely expected that the 64GB version would be released in the marketplace in the second half of the year, with some experts suggesting this might have been as early as July.

However, with rumors widely circulating in the industry that Samsung has changed their mind and axed plans to launch the 64GB, reports suggest that many European retailers are cancelling pre-orders of the model.  According to GSM Arena (or more particularly one of the readers), apparently since Samsung “has decided not to release the unit”, established UK retailer Expansys has stopped processing orders for the Galaxy S3 64GB model.

Of course, if Samsung has made this decision it would be major news, but a Samsung spokesperson is quoted as telling Android Central “The 64GB model of the Galaxy S3 will be available during the second half of this year.  The market availability and timing may vary and will be determined at the time of release”.

Whilst this statement does allay fears the model has been axed completely, some are noting the lack of commitment regarding release of the model in all markets.  In some instances, low demand for such a top of the range unit could be a plausible explanation.

Certainly, from what we know of the existing models, the Galaxy S3, there’s plenty of reasons the unit is flying off the shelves, being packed full of class-leading components, including a quick quad-core processor and amazing 4.8in super AMOLED HD display.  The current models are already well equipped for storage, with both the 16GB and 32GB models supported by a micro SD slot.  The prospect of the 64GB version, paired with a 64GB micro SD card would result in an awesome 128GB of storage.

Additionally, it is thought that with rumors of the impending release of the Apple iPhone 5, some suggesting this could be as early as the autumn of this year; it is thought Samsung will want to continue to dominate in the marketplace before attention in the iPhone 5 dampens sales of their flagship Galaxy S3.

As Samsung said during its original Galaxy S3 announcement event in London, their intentions always were to release the 64GB later than the 16GB and 32GB versions.  Since the model has been such a success and the latest announcement from Samsung confirms their intention to release the model, we can only hope that its a few retailers getting cold feet and that we will see this model in the marketplace in the near future.

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