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Samsung Galaxy S III Offers Special Uses at Olympics

The Samsung Galaxy S III, being the official phone of the 2012 Olympics at London, has been equipped with special uses specifically made for the event. It functions as a hotel gadget for the VIP staying at the Holiday Inn London Stratford City alongside the Olympic Park, rendering traditional ways such as using hotel keys and remote controls a thing of the past.

Samsung teamed up with Fingi, Inc., a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program cohort to make this offering possible. The initiative has various purposes. First, it provides users with an easy, electronic solution for performing tasks in the hotel. Second, it showcases the features of the smartphone. Lastly, it allows the hotel to generate some income.

VIP members must download a Holiday Inn mobile app on the device to enjoy the features. Afterwards, they can already use the phone to check in or check out of the hotel, as well as use the handset as a room key. Within the room itself, the app enables the device to adjust the lighting and the airconditioning and key in commands for the television in forty rooms in the Holiday Inn. It may likewise be used for ordering food from room service, and requesting for laundry service and other hotel amenities. Furthermore, it enables the user to stay updated with what is happening at the Olympic Games.

Other smartphones available today, of course, can be made to perform these tasks. However, being the official phone of the Games allows Samsung to offer the service exclusively. It may be recalled that to commemorate the 2012 Olympics, Samsung has also created a special edition model of the Galaxy Note which bears the logo of the Games.

It is still unknown whether the Holiday Inn will be making the service available in more rooms eventually and in more locations. It does look like a nice marketing move that help to promote the hotel and make tasks easy, or at the very least introduce a novelty to the hotel experience.

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